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## page was renamed from Edubuntu/TeamReports/2009/December


  • sbalneav - Scott Balneaves
  • stgraber - Stephane Graber
  • highvoltage - Jonathan Carter
  • alkisg - Alkis Georgopoulos
  • Lns - Jordan Erickson
  • nixternal - Richard Johnson


  • Edubuntu Council Elections
    • Poll was set up and new council was announced by Elizabeth Krumbach

    • New council consists of Alkis Georgopoulos, Jonathan Carter, Jordan Erickson, Richard Johnson, Scott Balneaves and Stephane Graber
    • Stephane and Jonathan are now the new release contacts for Edubuntu
  • Technical
    • stgraber has been in contact with cjwatson regarding live ltsp chroot builder
    • Edubuntu menu editor spec created: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Specifications/EdubuntuLucidMenuEditor, asanchez from Guadalinex will be providing example menus

    • sbalneav has beaten Sabayon into shape to the point where it is now usable by teachers, added apply-to-group, fixed all known crasher bugs, and is also an upstream Gnome developer!
    • edubuntu-dev group exists, we need to sort it out with the new Developer Membership Board so that members will have upload rights to the appropriate packages
    • gpaint has been dropped from seeds in favour of kolourpaint due to buggyness and users on lists indicated strong preference for kolourpaint
  • Relationships with other projects
    • sbalneav now maintains our relationship with debian-edu
    • stgraber maintains our relationship with guidalinex-edu
    • highvoltage maintains our relationship with qimo
  • Events Planned
    • Edubuntu Bug Hug day scheduled for 12 January 2010
    • Edubuntu Wiki Hug day scheduled for 21 January 2010
  • Other project stuff
    • We standardized on a fixed weekly meeting time again: Every Wednesday 19:00 UTC

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