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== Links to Sub-Pages ==

About the Edubuntu Wiki

What is a Wiki

A [wiki:WikiPedia/Wiki wiki] is a collaborative website that allows users to easily edit, add and contribute to the content available.

Help on using the wiki can be found at:

Please abide by the Ubuntu [ Code of Conduct] at all times.

What is the Edubuntu Wiki?

The Edubuntu Wiki,, contains information about:

  • The Edubuntu community: how to get in touch and how to contribute
  • Project management and tracking pages of projects and specifications within Edubuntu
  • Launchpad teams: their goals, plans and progress
  • Launchpad Specifications: their details, roadmaps and status

Edubuntu Wiki vs Ubuntu Wiki

Warning /!\ It is important to note that and are the same wiki! They share the same base but they just look different (as they use different stylesheets).

For example, and are the same page.

Using the Edubuntu Wiki

Since the Ubuntu and Edubuntu wikis have the same base, all Edubuntu related wiki pages should preferably use the "Edubuntu" namespace.

  • For example, wiki pages are [:HelpOnEditing/SubPages:sub-linked] off the [:Edubuntu:Edubuntu start page] as: or

  • Alternately, Edubuntu related wiki pages can have WikiNames that start with "Edubuntu" such as

Each convention above is fine and will have the same search results when navigating the wiki. We do prefer, though, that [:HelpOnEditing/SubPages:sub-linking] be used as it then offers more capabilities for [:HelpOnMacros:navigating child and sibling pages].

What is the Ubuntu Help Community Wiki

Technical help for Ubuntu or any of its derivitives (like Edubuntu), however, will not be kept on the Edubuntu wiki. There is a specific website,, dedicated to maintaining technical information, guides and howtos.

This site also contains a collaborative wiki,, for community contributed documentation.

We urge you to join the [:DocumentationTeam:Ubuntu Documentation Project] if you want to contribute towards documenting Ubuntu, Edubuntu or any of the other derivitives.


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