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We are pleased to see that Edubuntu has been well received in the community. Here are links to some articles that have been published to date. If you see an article about Edubuntu that is not listed here, please let us know.

Edubuntu Press Coverage

What the press has said about Edubuntu: (In reverse date order)


Community Feedback

What people have said about Edubuntu: (In reverse date order.)

  • "Cool distribution. Supposed to be very easy to use and run on low end machines." - Noel - 8 dec 2005.
  • " I give this system two thumbs up and wish them well in their endeavours." - Greg Phillips, 6 Dec 2005.
  • "Umesh - Excellent release! i have long been looking for a nice kid friendly OS...and i can finally get my 4 year old his own computer to play with...Here is my wish list: A user interface much like Gcompris to navigate all of kids applications will help the computer run in a kiosk mode and give less worries about them accidentially hitting keys to start other applications..."
  • " Her computer had an initial load of Edubuntu--my favorite flavor of Ubuntu at this time... " Mousing Around, blog -4 Dec 2005.
  • "This past weekend I took what was left of the old server, added a few parts and loaded up Edubuntu. Fired up TuxPaint, and Potato Guy for my 2.75 year old son and let him play with it for half an hour. He cryed very loudly for 10 minutes after I pryed the mouse out of his hand and made him go to bed for the evening." - 'Stro', 18 Oct 2005.

  • " This is basically Ubuntu for schools: As a former teacher & tech advisor, I say, “Damn cool!” - 'theopensourceweblog', 17 Oct 2005.

  • "The Edubuntu distribution is continuing to look cool. I should try installing it within the next few weeks... Some of the cooler things are it’s easy to set up Terminal Server and easy to install packages for various AP stuff, such as ready to go packages for teaching AP Java in High Schools." - Steve, 18 Oct 2005.
  • "Kids, ask your school tech guy to try it out! I know I will." - 'nil', 16 Oct 2005.
  • "Wooo hooo!!! Edubuntu; Built on top of Ubuntu, this distribution comes packed and configured to be plopped down in a classroom and just simply run. Nice job." - John Pederson, 14 Oct 2005.
  • "If you are looking for an excuse to try Linux for the classroom, do yourself a favour and download/install Edubuntu. It may be one of the easiest steps into the Linux environment." - 'Couros', 13 Oct 2005
  • "I will be using the Educational variation, Edubuntu in the school I work for. Free, runs on lower powered machines and really simple to use... What more could I ask?" - Paul Kerton, 30 Sept 2005.
  • "Okay, pupils, say it with me -- Edubuntu!" - Mark Gamis, 28 Sept 2005.
  • "Now there's a linux distro designed specifically for the classroom. It comes equipped with the tools necessary to easily create an interactive computer lab environment with centralized management tools and more open-source software and feature-rich apps than you can throw a keyboard at. All at the low low price of... well, free, actually." - 'Quasigeek', July 2005.


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