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||<style="border-width: 0"> Edubuntu is a version of the [ Ubuntu] operating system suitable for classroom use. As an educator you'll be able to set up a computer lab, or establish an online learning environment, in an hour or less -- then administer that environment without having to become a fully-fledged Linux geek.[[BR]][[BR]] Edubuntu is currently under development by the same development team that produces the wildly popular [ Ubuntu] system. It's a customized version of Ubuntu, scheduled for initial release in October 2005 at the same time as Ubuntu 5.10. ||<style="border-width: 0"> attachment:people1.jpg ||

== What's new? ==

 * '''The preview release of Edubuntu is out (Sept. 10). To Get the Edubuntu 5.10 Preview:'''

  ||<: cellwidth="100%" tablewidth="65%" rowbgcolor="#FFCCCC"> '''[ Download the Edubuntu 5.10 Preview here]''' ||

Please remember to give us [ feedback] of what you think of Edubuntu (good and bad) to help us to improve it for you...

* '''See the awesome artwork our community contributors have created.'''
  * They can be found here on our [ wiki] and on []
 * Edubuntu mentioned in the press - EdubuntuPress

== What's going to be in Edubuntu? ==

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/network.png Principal design goals of Edubuntu are centralized management of configuration, users, and processes, together with facilities for working collaboratively in a classroom setting. Equally important is the gathering together of the best available free software and digital materials for education.

For planning details, see:
 * ApplicationSelection
 * EdubuntuDesktop
 * EdubuntuSoftware (user list)
 * ["K12-LTSP Educational Software"]
 * TeachersPet
 * WorkstationDefinitions
 * [ the initial Edubuntu specification], as planned at the [ Ubuntu Down Under] conference.
 * DapperGoals
 * TeachingTools

== Who's using it already? ==

 * EdubuntuInstallations
 * The Shuttleworth Foundation's [ tuXlabs] are using an early version of Edubuntu called [ Skubuntu], which is installed in 50 schools in South Africa. This will expand to 200 schools by March 2006.
 * Add your details here, if you'd like to be included on this list...

== How can I help? ==

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/doc.png Work on EdubuntuDocumentation.

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/edubuntu-artwork.png We welcome contributions for EdubuntuArtwork. (The EdubuntuLogo has already been decided on.)

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/screenlogo2.png Help us with EdubuntuTesting, and provide the feedback we rely on to make it better.
 * '''Please [ download] and test our Preview release of Edubuntu and let us know what you think in PreviewReleaseFeedback.'''

== Contact details ==

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/chat.png Chat with us on IRC -- server ``, channel `#edubuntu`.

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/comms.png Edubuntu has [ its own mailing list].

If you have any questions, comments or enquiries please direct these to:
||<#f0f5fa>'''Realm''' ||<#f0f5fa>'''Name'''||<#f0f5fa>'''e-mail'''||
|| General ||["JaneW"] || ||
|| Technical || OliverGrawert || ||
|| Technical / Webmaster || JonathanCarter || ||
|| Documentation || JeromeGotangco || ||
|| Community Contact || JonathanCarter || ||
|| Education || JeffreyElkner || ||

== Meetings and events ==

attachment:chat.png The next Edubuntu meeting is scheduled for: '''Wednesday 12 October 2005 at 12:00 UTC on #ubuntu-meeting '''
 * Notes from Edubuntu meetings can be found in MeetingRecords

 Listed in reverse date order.

'''Events:''' [[BR]]

 * '''[ UbuntuBelowZero] will be held in Montreal, Canada from Monday 30 October - Saturday 6 November 2005.''' Add Edubuntu BOF suggestions to [ UbuntuBelowZero BOFs].
 * An EdubuntuSummit was held from 1-3 July 2005 in central London.
 * Edubuntu representatives attended [ SkoleLinux] in Bergen from 10-12 June 2005.

== Development status ==

||<-8 : #f0f5fa tablewidth="44%"> '''Status Indicators'''||
||<#b9c9e3>Drafting ||<#868cdb>To Be Assigned ||<#f3800f>Pending ||<#ed3232>Deferred ||<#fdfa03>WIP ||<#0cb13e>Implemented ||<#68d056>Tested ||<#3bff85>Completed ||

'''Current status:'''

attachment:EdubuntuIcons/screenlogo2.png Please expand these broad categories into smaller milestones, as appropriate, so we can track and manage the progress of the project.

||<#f0f5fa tablewidth="100%"> '''Status'''||<#f0f5fa>'''Top Priority'''||<#f0f5fa>'''Lead''' ||<#f0f5fa>'''Second''' ||<#f0f5fa>'''Help/Test''' ||<#f0f5fa>'''Notes:''' ||
||<#0cb13e>Implemented||["Edubuntu"]||ogra||jeff elkner|| eric harrsion, Ragnar Wisloff || See [WWW] ogra: daily autobuilding of the edubuntu CD has started ( [WWW] ) while the underlying ubuntu system is broken, so is the edubuntu image. (2005-07-16). First milestone CD due by feature freeze. The CD should install all server apps cleanly and gives you an ltsp install (2005-07-29). (2005-08-05) Still to do moving the packages to main, add the blacklist package, fix ldm, package the new teachertool.... build the custom config on top of the CD. Done test the server setup collect the packages prepare custom ui changes for kde packages in gnome, build the seeds build a CD.(2005-08-23) edubuntu-desktop only waits for a last pitti review of python-sqlite, then this one is done... for edubuntu server some reviews are pending and the changes to moodle will be done this week... edubuntu artwork is nearly done...(2005-09-10) the preview release is out and being tested. ||
||<#ed3232>Deferred||ContentFiltering||ogra, jeff elkner||eric harrison || || An edubuntu supporting feature, See (2005-07-26) Squidguard will be used, and ogra is building a custom config for the CD. (2005-08-05) squidguard moves to main, squid already is and ogra will make a default blacklist package this weekend from the default blacklists squidguard upstream offers. No time to complete this appropriatly in time for Breezy, deferred to Daper. ||
||<#fdfa03>WIP||EdubuntuDocumentation||JeromeGotangco||Matthew East|| ||Draft docs now available in EdubuntuDocumentation page (most of them are work in progress). We currently have: About Edubuntu, Edubuntu Cookbook and Edubuntu Release Notes||


||<style="border-width: 0"> attachment:EdubuntuIcons/cc-somerights.png ||<style="border-width: 0"> Everything on this site is licensed under the [ Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License]. ||

||<: cellwidth="100%" tablewidth="100%" rowbgcolor="#FFFFA0"> '' © 2005 Canonical Ltd. Edubuntu and the Edubuntu logo are trademarks of Canonical Ltd.'' ||
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