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=== Tech Status ===

 * UDS Boston
  * ''Updates to follow All Hands''



Intel has commissioned Canonical to produce a derivative of Ubuntu for the Intel ClassmatePC. The Edubuntu variant is the closest starting point, for a customised version which will install and run effectively on the platform with a sub-set of education applications.

Statement of Expectation

Initial Enablement Work for Reference Platform

This work will produce a custom image of Edubuntu based on Edubuntu 7.10 that will address the issues identified by the Intel and Canonical teams at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Seville, Spain. This will be an unsupported release without maintenance updates that can be used for demos and securing design wins.

  • An initial Edubuntu 7.10 Proof of Concept version will be produced in 2007 for the ClassmatePC Generation 1.5 hardware for the purpose of demonstration and design wins.

Fully Supported Release

  • A fully supported release will be delivered for Edubuntu 8.04 and Edubuntu 8.10

Tech Status

Overview of Processes

  • Prioritisation of issues will be managed centrally by Intel & Canonical where these relate to:

    • The current Scope of Work
    • Any changes to the Scope of Work
    • Resolution of bugs / issues
    • Any other / additional requests

New Bug / Issue / Request Process

  • Individuals or regions testing or evaluating any image are please to record requests on this wiki page in the appropriate section at the bottom of this wiki page:
    • New Bug

    • New Issue

    • New Request

  • These items will be picked up and processed into one of these sections for an action or response:
    • Known Bug

    • Known Issue

    • Known Request

  • Please ensure that you provide all the necessary details requested.

Accepted Bug / Issue / Request Process

  • Items that have been accepted for resolution and tracking will be moved into Launchpad

Status of the Development

  • Details around the latest image
    • Edubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Test Image

      • Status: Available

      • Details to be updated here shortly
    • Edubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Image

      • Status: Packaging is being finalised.

        • Details to be updated here shortly
  • Known issues related to the images
    • Edubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Test Image

      • This image runs off an external USB stick (2GB)
      • Subsequent images will install to the internal Flash RAM
      • This is a Proof of Concept image for demonstration only
        • Details to be updated here shortly

Availability of Images

  • Images for the ClassmatePC will be provided to a single contact source at Intel
  • Intel will load images into their internal repository
  • Intel regions / departments will obtain copies of images from this repository
  • For each image supplied, Canonical will provide:
    • Installation instructions
    • A list of known issues
    • A list of known limitations
  • Intel will manage the distribution of the image to regions / departments and will do their best to ensure that each recipient is made aware of the issues and limitations as described on this wiki page
  • For the moment, if you would like a copy of the image, please add your name to the section at the bottom of this page ensuring that you provide all the necessary details requested.

New Items


  • Title

    • Provide a short title

  • Description

    • Provide a short Description

  • Submission Date

    • Provide the submission date

  • Submitted by who

    • Provide a your name

  • From Where

    • Provide your organisation

  • Email Address

    • Provide a your email address

  • Additional Detail

    • Provide any additional details

New Bug

New Issue

New Request

Known Items

Known Bug

Known Issue

Known Request

Notes on Editing This Wiki

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