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 *[[|Ampache]] - Streaming media --> assistive technology offering a compromise between text-to-speech software and human reader
 *[[|IEP-IPP]] - Management of individual education/program plans

Blueprint page for the "School Server in a Box" Edubuntu Server idea.


This blueprint is to help coordinate the work around the Edubuntu Server installer/application. The concept is a single installer that would let a school setup an Edubuntu Server that included: "moodle, schooltool, koha and perhaps even some centralised authentication using something like gosa" (quote from highvoltage), exact apps to be discussed at UDS-N. The idea is to get "a school environment running really fast, cheap and easy (a combination of 3 that's hard to get)."

Launchpad link:

  • Moodle - Learning Management System

  • openSIS - Student Information System

  • SchoolTool - Administration tools; calendar, gradebook, attendance, reports

  • openLDAP
  • Koha - Library Management

  • Gosa - LDAP Management

  • SugarCRM - customer relationship manager, useful for tracking alumni, vendors, funding sources
  • Shibboleth - single sign-on across organizational boundaries

  • Mahara - Portfolio system
  • Elgg - Social networking

  • Samba - file sharing with Windows / OS X / Linux
  • Ampache - Streaming media --> assistive technology offering a compromise between text-to-speech software and human reader

  • IEP-IPP - Management of individual education/program plans


Link to Tom Hoffman discussing the Schooltool in a box prototype device:

  • I'd suggest that this is split up in milestones. We've attempted something similar before, but it's really too big and hairy for one release. For natty, I'd suggest that moodle, schooltool, etc gets packaged properly first, and then a meta-package for these should be created that installs everything and make sure (somehow) that everything is installed and configured properly. In my opinion, full fledged installation media for what we'll have in natty will be overkill. --JonathanCarter

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