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Launchpad link:

Blueprint page for the "School Server in a Box" Edubuntu Server idea.


This blueprint is to help coordinate the work around the Edubuntu Server installer/application. The concept is a single installer that would let a school setup an Edubuntu Server that included: "moodle, schooltool, koha and perhaps even some centralised authentication using something like gosa" (quote from highvoltage), exact apps to be discussed at UDS-N. The idea is to get "a school environment running really fast, cheap and easy (a combination of 3 that's hard to get)."

Launchpad link:

Moodle - Learning Management System Open SIS - Student Information System SchoolTool - Administration tools; gradebooks, attendance openLDAP Koha ? Gosa ? SugarCRM - customer relationship manager, useful for tracking alumni, vendors, funding sources


Link to Tom Hoffman discussing the Schooltool in a box prototype device:

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