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My name is Edward Robinson currently living in Ontario, Canada. I’m a computer science major at the University of Toronto and I have been using Linux since 2003 and Ubuntu since May 2005.

I would like to see Ubuntu grow, and more users being able to use Ubuntu problem free. To do this I feel that One of the most important things is to support new users, and the Ubuntu forums have played a very important role in this. I would like to continue to become a part of this growing community, and to grow with it. I became a ubuntu member on January 24 2006, 21:00 UTC!


  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Matlab


  1. Spreading the Ubuntu spirit. I do this by showing many people the distribution and open source programs in general. Also I give out the CD’s!
  2. I am very active on the Ubuntu forums

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu and Linux

  • For now I would like to stay focused on providing support, and making it as easy as possible for people to run Ubuntu and Linux in general, because I feel that with a larger user base will help Ubuntu and Linux grow more than anything.


  • Total posts more than 1222

Usefull Help Links

I have moved this to http://www.edwardandrewrobinson.com/ubuntuquicklinks



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