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 == Projects == == Projects ==
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 === Ubuntu-related === === Ubuntu-related ===
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 === MeFaB === === MeFaB ===

Who Am I?

25 year old, educator, working for youth mental-health in french public hospital.

Involved in ubuntu french community since warty release, i've recently join the french LoCoTeam administrating group ( most of my (ubuntu related) work is related to french website, planet, wiki and IRC channels)

Email: MailTo(mathieu AT SPAMFREE effraie DOT org)

Documentation for ubuntu membership

I think the list is now complete... the most important issue, in my opinion, is my new participation in the french LoCoTeam administration. Beeing ubuntu-member seems important to me,in that context.


Well, mostly continu the work begining by YannHamon, DavidLarlet & JulienRottenberg in ubuntu-fr LoCoteam. The community is now huge, and it means many projects, many events and communication needs. The second project i hope make growing up is u-classroom, wich i think is a very powerfull way to make people involved in ubuntu and free software community.


Mefab is a project i did launch with ArthurLoiret. MeFaB, or MEntal FArm Buildd is a project who's main goal is to provide a powerfull, decentralised and esay to use buildd. It allow some interesting features such as cross compiling, send/get between "incoming" and the builders, and a few others. The project is very new on this time, but is in active develommement, we hope it will be over soon. Smile :)


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