ArabNet Developer Days - 27th/28th of March 2012

ArabNet Developer Days are a unique opportunity for regional developers to come together, learn and discuss code. It will include three tracks of talks, tutorials and workshops over two days, and will have community activities like lightning talks and the overnight developers competition.

Developer Days provide a great occasion for young and experienced developers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to connect with their peers from across the region. It’s also the perfect opportunity for those that thrive for knowledge to learn from fantastic speakers and senior representatives from the biggest companies in this business like Google, Facebook, Research In Motion, and Microsoft.

What’s Different This Year?

  • Bigger and More Fun! Two days instead of one! spanning across three halls with over 300 attendees from all over the region.

  • In-depth Workshops
  • GOOGLE, FB, RIM, MS, ...
  • Developers and Designers
  • Community Activities:
    • Lightning Talks: are independent, community organized presentations that will take place during the first day. They are short, fast-paced, 5-minute talks given by experienced developers, engineers, or designers from the community about a specific case that they've encountered throughout their career. You can find out more about the lightning talks here.

    • The OVERNIGHT competition is a new addition to this year’s Developer Days. The competition aims to test the skills of developers and identify the best engineering talent in the region. It will take place on the first day of the Developer Days from March 27th at 8PM till 8AM the following day. Competitors are challenged to build a simple web application or a mobile app in just 12-hours! More info and application forms can be found here.

Click here to find more information about ArabNet Developer Days.

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