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Ubuntu NEXT EGYPT TEAM MEETING: TBA (Event History...) Ubuntu


  • Ubuntu It's the body that keeps all parts of community together and above a certain level of activity.

    Ubuntu It's rather a glue-body more than a governing one that only interjects when some conflict becomes unresolvable through ordinary community discussion

    Ubuntu It's the group of persons responsible for studying then introducing changes in the process to the wide community to accept or refuse.

Current Members

(In Alphabetical Order)

  1. Ahmed Toulan
  2. Anas Emad
  3. Islam Alwazery
  4. Jonathan Hindi
  5. Mohammed Gamal


  • Council holds a biweekly IRC meeting (TBD) to review new happenings, discuss agenda items and assessing new UbuntEG membership candidates. Next meeting will be on 11th of May 2012. Please submit your application at least 24hrs before the meeting


  1. UbuntuEG membership candidates:


    lpID (know yours)

    Wiki Page

    Date Added DD/MM

    Comments (if any)

    Mohamed Alaa



    Thu Jun 14, 2012



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