Meeting will be on IRC: #ubuntu-eg,

Agenda Items

  • Activate FGs(Focus groups).
    • Managers have been chosen for the following groups:
      • Ref3atov for Art.
      • Sultan for support squad.
      • Anas Emad for marketing.
      • Toulan for development group.
    • Managers are responsible for finding groups for recruits, Assigning tasks and following up with the council.
    • Finish group specific documentation.
  • Finding work for new recruits.
  • Social media marketing campaign. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-eg/+spec/social-media-marketing

  • Managing admin roles on our channels.
  • Rules for accepting and denying posts on facebook.
    • Assigned to support squad (Votes must be public on the mailing list).
  • Ideas for development group:
    • Create project code "ubuntu-eg app" to ease the introduction of users to ubuntu, ubuntu-eg and ubuntu web-sphere. Pop-up notifications for new meetings or launchpad tasks.
  • Ubuntu-eg membership approval meetings:
    • Postponed until further notice.


Late arrivals

Anas Emad

-= Conclusion =

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