Log of the 2010-05-19 Meeting

<thelinuxer> HardDisk: r u the creator of ubuntueg channel on youtube ?
<HardDisk> yes
<HardDisk> we'll discuss that during the meeting
<Extend> iam here
<HardDisk> we still have a few minutes :)
<Extend> who is talking?
<Extend> because i really do not know you
<HardDisk> Sam Azab
<HardDisk> former massachussets LoCo team member
<HardDisk> and north virginia
<Extend> we are egypt loco team
<HardDisk> yes I know
<HardDisk> I attended the release party in CU
<Extend> you are in states ?
<HardDisk> Cairo
<HardDisk> I am Egyptin
<HardDisk> Egyptian*
<Extend> ahha
<thelinuxer> hi Extend
<Extend> hi thelinuxer
<thelinuxer> coming early leeh keda :P
<HardDisk> There are others who will attend, let's give them a few minutes.
<Extend> thelinuxer, kot khaif ye7sal 7aga le my internet connection
<Extend> hehe
<Extend> fa olt agi mn badri w a monitor el donia
<thelinuxer> Extend: lol
<HardDisk> while we wait, you can check out the Agendas for today @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/Agendas/2010-19-05
<Extend> hwa bi2ol le meen
<HardDisk> lil 2oda.
<waelmagdy> السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
<HardDisk> hello wael :)
<Extend> wa allaikum al salam wa ra7matu allah wa baraktooh
<HardDisk> 5 more minutes then we can start, sounds good?
<waelmagdy> ازيكم يا شباب منورين الدنيا كلها :)
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: wa3alikom el salam wara7mat Allah wabarakato
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: isA
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: u too ya basha
<waelmagdy> انا مبسوط جداً انى معاكم وان شاء الله اشوفكم فعليا قريب
<Extend> we7na kaman masbooteen gedan beek
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: isA
<thelinuxer> i will go fix myself some tea before the meeting :D
<HardDisk> wael, el mohem tkoon productive ma3ana
<waelmagdy> خليهم اتنين يا باشا :)
<waelmagdy> HardDisk: i will try to be ISA
<HardDisk> that's all we ask.
<jonathanhindi> hi all
<HardDisk> mr. hindi :)
<jonathanhindi> Sam
<HardDisk> sup bud
<HardDisk> linuxer ra7 ya3mil shay
<jonathanhindi> what
<HardDisk> what what?
<HardDisk> ba2olak sup
<waelmagdy> hi jonathanhindi
<jonathanhindi> hi waelmagdy
<HardDisk> MFawzy can't attend today as I understand it correct?
<waelmagdy> nice to meet you jonathanhindi
<jonathanhindi> Nice to meet you 2
<HardDisk> we bahaa and EgyP we Sensiva idling bas today?
<HardDisk> Sensiva 3ando exams? anyone knows?
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: calling him
<HardDisk> ok thanks
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: his mobile is closed
<HardDisk> alright then. It's 7:30 we can say that the meeting has started.
<thelinuxer> Sensiva: man r u up !
<HardDisk> now the way LoCo teams work is that we discuss agendas that's on the list
<HardDisk> and depending on the conclusions we come to a vote.
<thelinuxer> ok we can start
<jonathanhindi> we can start
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: ok Let us all open the agenda
<HardDisk> Linuxer would you like to start with the first agenda?
<thelinuxer> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/Agendas/2010-19-05
*** HardDisk changes topic to "Welcome to Upuntu *ehem* Ubuntu Egypt. "Do you Ubuntu, like I do?" | HERE!: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx | http://www.ubuntu.com/ | SA: ubuntu.com/usn | IRC MEETING: IN PROGRESS"
<jonathanhindi> The Linuxer :am from the mobile don.t forget
<HardDisk> np hindi, we'll talk about it here
<thelinuxer> ah sorry
<thelinuxer> lets start the first topic
<Extend> ok go ahead
<thelinuxer> our own personalized portal
<waelmagdy> 1+
<HardDisk> wael before we vote, we need to discuss it first :)
<HardDisk> I see you know the ubuntu voting mechanism :D
<jonathanhindi> yes i think so
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: can't u just let anything go :D
<HardDisk> 1+ or 1- :)
<HardDisk> thelinuxer, there are standards
<thelinuxer> the main 2 ideas that were: 1. blogs
<thelinuxer> 2. video portal
<HardDisk> Now we were discussing in the mailing lists about having our own portal/blog site.
<HardDisk> let's talk about the blogs first.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: please it's my role to do that
<thelinuxer> so please lets get organized
<Extend> HardDisk, would you please leave everything to thelinuxer
<HardDisk> fair enough.
<thelinuxer> ok lets proceed
<thelinuxer> the first point in the portal is the blogs
<thelinuxer> i guess we have 2 main options
<jonathanhindi> what are the options
<thelinuxer> 1. we can aggregate from external blogs
<thelinuxer> by external blogs, i mean from our own personal blogs
<thelinuxer> 2. host a drupal instance where all our of our blogs will live
<thelinuxer> now we can discuss the ideas
<HardDisk> I don't like the first option as it is exactly like Ubuntu Fridge.
<thelinuxer> which do u prefer ?
<HardDisk> I doprefer the second option
<HardDisk> and have contributors to the blog
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: ok any one else
<Extend> thelinuxer, can i talk?
<jonathanhindi> yes me 2 the second option
<thelinuxer> Extend: sure
<Extend> Okay
<Extend> first we can use drupal mainly as news, wiki blog, everything for ubuntu-eg.org website
<thelinuxer> Extend: yes....
<Extend> and use the aggregator module in drupal to aggregate a approved list of blogs from our contributers
<Extend> so we have a complete solution
<thelinuxer> Extend: i guess that combines the power from both worlds
<HardDisk> That would work, but I think it'd be more structured to have it sort of like wordpress, where you have the admins-editors-contributors system.
<Extend> thelinuxer, yes true that's the idea
<HardDisk> would your idea work this way?
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: i guess is problem is that some of the members already have blogs
<Extend> we can have a website for the loco team & a blog aggregator for our people
<HardDisk> that's the thing, the idea is to focus on ubuntu as much as we can.
<HardDisk> and work projects based on the distro
<Extend> HardDisk, we can let only the people aggregate a catgeory feed for ubuntu
<HardDisk> ok I like that.
<waelmagdy> if you let me , i prefer the 2nd option otherwise we can use joomla for both blogging , news portal & video content
<Extend> this is an example from my blog :- http://www.twistedlogic.co.cc/category/ubuntu/
<HardDisk> what tools we'll use is not the issue, just how to structure it is what we need right now
<HardDisk> and I agree with Extend
<HardDisk> "we can have a website for the loco team & a blog aggregator for our people"
<jonathanhindi> Waelmagdy : I Prefer joomla but no user groups in joomla
<Extend> waelmagdy, we first agree with the idea then we can later choose joomla or drupal or wordpress or even self-made code
<HardDisk> does anyone have anything else to say about the structure?
<thelinuxer> ok, who agrees with extends ?
<HardDisk> 1+
<thelinuxer> 1+
<jonathanhindi> Sections > categories > Articles or blog posts
<jonathanhindi> 1+
<Extend> +1
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: ur vote ?
<thelinuxer> i guess we have majority already
<HardDisk> yep
<HardDisk> ok good
<HardDisk> next, video blog.
<thelinuxer> ok
<thelinuxer> now the main was as follows
<thelinuxer> i was thinking aboiut adding educational content on the web
<Extend> great
<thelinuxer> instead of waiting for an event to teach people about ubuntu and all its related stuff
<thelinuxer> the content will always be online for people to learn
<jonathanhindi> Wordpress and joomla can work as a video Blog but we are not talking about the tools what about tutorials
<Extend> i have a great idea
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: we will be talking about the tools in a minute
<Extend> i agree first on the educational video idea
<thelinuxer> exactly like HardDisk's blog idea
<HardDisk> I was thinking that with a youtube channel, we'd have ONE voiceover over the instructional videos, we can make it look good, each of us can do any of the instructional videos and someone with a clear voice would do the voiceovers.
<thelinuxer> we want admiin-editor-contributors ...etc
<Extend> i think creating a youtube channel will be better for us
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: already created one for us
<HardDisk> Extend, I already registered the channel.
<HardDisk> and I can give it to any of you.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: i was surprised to find it taken :D
<HardDisk> I only registered it so no one else takes it.
<Extend> anyway the channel belongs to the team
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: np man
<jonathanhindi> Youtube channel and post on the blog with the video will be a videoblog
<HardDisk> I also registered ubuntueg.wordpress incase :)
<thelinuxer> i was just surprised, "Who would want that name?" ;)
<thelinuxer> yes noticed :D
<thelinuxer> there is a problem with having a youtube channel
<HardDisk> what?
<thelinuxer> and correct me if i am wrong
<thelinuxer> if someone wants to upload a video to that channel
<thelinuxer> he will have to send his video to an admin
<Extend> :O
<HardDisk> correct.
<thelinuxer> that will slow us down
<HardDisk> not really.
<thelinuxer> it will
<Extend> soo
<HardDisk> if lets say 3-4 people have access.
<Extend> listen guys
<Extend> HardDisk, can revoke this channel
<HardDisk> give the password account to responsible people
<Extend> and we create it using a account for the team
<HardDisk> np
<thelinuxer> ok here is another problem
<thelinuxer> distributing passwords is not the right thing to do from a security prespective
<jonathanhindi> yes its a good idea but the materials prepreation is the problem
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: not really
<thelinuxer> u'll do the same thing u did for the event ;)
<thelinuxer> anyway
<Extend> what happened at the event ?
<HardDisk> thelinuxer, agreed, but we either trust each other, or we dont
<thelinuxer> Extend: he gave a session that's all
<Extend> it was planned ?
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: u won't be able to trust everyone
<thelinuxer> Extend: yes
<HardDisk> unless we do the videoblogs via something like wordpress with the same admin-editor-contributor structure.
<jonathanhindi> No collberation accounts in youtube ??
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: that;s exactly what i want
<HardDisk> ok
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: couldn't find it :)
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: please tell me if we can do it
<jonathanhindi> Check vimo
<thelinuxer> i want people to able to upload easily
<HardDisk> vimeo you mean.
<Extend> jonathan +1
<Extend> guys
<jonathanhindi> yes
<thelinuxer> and then we can accept their content on our portal
<Extend> i think we should first focus on building a website
<thelinuxer> Extend: building the website is easy
<HardDisk> well we're just discussing ideas now.
<thelinuxer> we can get drupal as u said
<HardDisk> when/who/how that comes later.
<jonathanhindi> Extend: 1+
<thelinuxer> and there are ready made themes for ubuntu
<thelinuxer> i guess we can build the basic website in a few hours,can't we
<thelinuxer> ?
<Extend> we need to get our hands on a website and write articles guides, publich news
<jonathanhindi> yes but about the contents
<HardDisk> 1+ on the video blog, with a standard intro/ending with one voiceover?
<Extend> thelinuxer, we should get the access to ubuntu-eg.org from the loco team admins then we can use the website
<thelinuxer> what's a voice over ?
<jonathanhindi> HardDisk: 1+
<HardDisk> Extend, we can't do that now, not until the LoCo team becomes official
<thelinuxer> Extend: can u do that for us ?
<Extend> thelinuxer, okay i will contact them
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: we can ask them to change the aliases and stuff
<HardDisk> they wont do that yet.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: not a big deal
<HardDisk> read the LoCo team rules page
<Extend> thelinuxer, even we can host it on our hosting just change the dns settings to point to our hosting
<HardDisk> we have to be an established body first.
<Extend> HardDisk, we have the domain
<thelinuxer> when we become approved they will give us access to the DNS settings
<thelinuxer> ok lets back to the main point
<HardDisk> build the site first. show that it's up and running and activities.
<Extend> k
<HardDisk> agreed thelinuxer.
<thelinuxer> ok
<jonathanhindi> So we can't make pepole access the new site from our domain untill approval
<waelmagdy> this is one of our projects that uses joomla for bot CMS and video contents http://www.shabakatmasr.com/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=56
<thelinuxer> now there are tons of documents about building a wensite for your team
<thelinuxer> so people the website won't be that hard
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: no we can
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: but we need to make a request, we can't change ourselves
<jonathanhindi> Thelinuxer: Good
<jonathanhindi> Thelinuxer: no problem
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: do know how was that website made ?
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: what tools did they use ..etc
<HardDisk> once we come to votes on the agendas, we'll have separate meetings for each agenda.
<waelmagdy> joomla basically plus some other joomla templates and extensions
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: sure np
<HardDisk> ok can we move on to the next topic?
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: wait a sc
<thelinuxer> sec*
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: and the admin-edit-contribute approval workflow, can it be done with these tools ?
<jonathanhindi> thelinuxer: yes it can
<thelinuxer> ok
<thelinuxer> so voting in the video blog thing now
<thelinuxer> who's with it ?
<HardDisk> 1+
<jonathanhindi> Theluinxer: the problem in joomla user groups No ACL till now
<jonathanhindi> 1+
<thelinuxer> 1+
<waelmagdy> sure and i can show you the admin panel and other projects
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: np
<thelinuxer> now it's voting time
<HardDisk> well 3 voted out of 5 :)
<thelinuxer> mashy ya basha
<Extend> +1
<thelinuxer> cool
<thelinuxer> next topic
<Extend> guys
<Extend> i have a small point
<Extend> we need to let the other guys vote by mail
<HardDisk> we will.
<jonathanhindi> sure
<HardDisk> the transcript will be sent to them
<thelinuxer> Extend: sure
<Extend> we used this facility before me and thelinuxer and it works out of the box
<Extend> thank
<Extend> thanks
<HardDisk> np
<HardDisk> Next topic: Multi-language wiki pages.
<thelinuxer> ok
<thelinuxer> i guess we need to settle on the multi-language thingy
<HardDisk> thelinuxer and I briefly discussed this issue if you remember
<thelinuxer> should we write all our pages in arabic
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: yes we did
<HardDisk> or..we can have an english page, and a translated one
<HardDisk> en/ar
<thelinuxer> yes exactly
<thelinuxer> i guess that's good for a loco team
<jonathanhindi> thelinuxer:english one and transleted but the main one is in english
<HardDisk> yes jon
<thelinuxer> to have their pages with in their native language
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: no i guess the main ones should be in arabic
<HardDisk> because to let the admins read what we do.
<HardDisk> I disagree the main should be arabic.
<thelinuxer> they will always have the read this in english link
<HardDisk> not now anyway.
<jonathanhindi> Me 2 i think the english must be the main
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: we are not giving time frame for the task, so don't worry about the time
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: the question here is y ?
<Extend> i think we should first finish the english pages and write it as well
<thelinuxer> the idea behind loco teams is having someone speaking ur own language to help u
<Extend> thelinuxer, +1
<HardDisk> regardless of time, it makes sense to keep the english as main, as it is directly accessible by anyone that clicks on it first hand.
<Extend> and i agree to have an arabic well organized home page and we have several members from linuxac can help us in ther things
<HardDisk> well if we're voting that arabic should be the main page then, 1-
<Extend> and i personally recommend bahaa to lead the arabic translation
<HardDisk> that's fine
<jonathanhindi> 1-
<Extend> +1
<thelinuxer> +!
<thelinuxer> +1
<Extend> waelmagdy, ?
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: it's ur vote now
<waelmagdy> +1
<thelinuxer> gr8 3/5
<HardDisk> ok majority vote wins
<Extend> yeah
<thelinuxer> cool
<thelinuxer> next topic
<Extend> yeah
<thelinuxer> ITShow
<HardDisk> did you call the guy?
<thelinuxer> i guess waelmagdy should be the one discussing the idea
<thelinuxer> he is waelmagdy :)
<HardDisk> and do we know what sort of level we're talking about?
<HardDisk> ah ok
<HardDisk> so wael, the floor is yours
<thelinuxer> I guess waelmagdy is suffering from some kind of lag ..
<HardDisk> hmm
<HardDisk> kalim bil 3araby 7ata :D
<waelmagdy> you can gave them the pref first
<waelmagdy> bref*
<thelinuxer> ok
<thelinuxer> np
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: correct me if i say anything wrong
<thelinuxer> the main idea is an IT show
<waelmagdy> sure
<thelinuxer> it present stuff related to computing in general
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy contributed material to this show
<thelinuxer> i guess 7 episodes now
<thelinuxer> speaking about open source in general
<thelinuxer> and ubuntu
<waelmagdy> yes
<thelinuxer> he said that we can help each other
<HardDisk> do you get any live calls?
<thelinuxer> since we have the same goals
<HardDisk> or is this a prerecorded show?
<thelinuxer> live show
<HardDisk> ok
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: do u get any calls on the show ?
<thelinuxer> anyway i will continue
<waelmagdy> yes there was a good interactivity on calls & the facebook group
<thelinuxer> ok
<HardDisk> the only issue, is that who is interested to go do an episode or more has a good all round knowledge can speak infront of the camera, that's about it really.
<waelmagdy> you can see that on the recorded episodes on youtube
<Extend> waelmagdy, would you please provide us with a link
<thelinuxer> send us a link
<Extend> waelmagdy, i totally agree with the idea it is great effort from you to make it here with us
<HardDisk> personally I'm not interested appearing on television for a number of reasons, so you'll have to see amongst yourselves who wants to do this.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: well mesh lazem yekoon interview aslan
<HardDisk> I think thelinuxer would do a good host :)
<thelinuxer> we can help with the material without appearing on TV
<waelmagdy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9KnpWTgIOY
<HardDisk> material wise, np.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: lol, yes the bald host with the big belly
<HardDisk> dude have you seen all the guests that appear on Egyptian tv? they're all bald with big bellies
<waelmagdy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Gs6YCKWjU
<waelmagdy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsgcnBixadg
<thelinuxer> plus i am geek too, so i have the right to look like that
<Extend> HardDisk, we are not talking about persons or people who appeared or will appear on tv
<Extend> but this is a huge boost for ubuntu in egypt
<HardDisk> Extend, a bit of humor in the meeting doesn't hurt.
<Extend> to appear on tv
<waelmagdy> and there is 3 or 4 other episodes i will upload soon
<Extend> HardDisk, nvm
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: Extend didn't mean anything, he is elaborating
<HardDisk> mashy.
<thelinuxer> anyway here is how we can help
<thelinuxer> we can provide him with ubuntu related materials
<thelinuxer> and videos
<HardDisk> sounds good.
<thelinuxer> and these videos will have our logo in it
<HardDisk> brilliant.
<thelinuxer> and we can do more than one episode
<thelinuxer> and may be , just may be, they will do an interview with us
<Extend> i agree on the whole idea
<thelinuxer> but waelmagdy will be giving people pointers to our team
<Extend> and i can help in both
<HardDisk> Extend, very soon we'll release your first album :)
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: am i forgetting anything ?
<waelmagdy> no... so far :)
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: ok, anything u want to add ?
<HardDisk> ok so I guess 1+ on the ITshow :)
<thelinuxer> sure it's a +1
<Extend> +1
<jonathanhindi> 1+
<thelinuxer> but that's not what we are discussing el sara7a
<thelinuxer> we need to think of topics to discuss on the show
<HardDisk> we're discussing the material base.
<waelmagdy> we can vote first then we talk on details
<thelinuxer> majority D
<thelinuxer> :D
<HardDisk> wael, sa7
<HardDisk> I was asking before what is the level of the viewers?
<HardDisk> when we know the level, we'll know what to talk about
<HardDisk> I mean can you discuss programming techniques?
<HardDisk> how "complex" can you take it....
<waelmagdy> not so much as it un popular Chanel
<HardDisk> that goes back to the host and what are they looking for...ya3ny do they want some gadgets we 7arakaat we compiz we bas?
<Extend> the audience will be every one who uses a computer + os
<jonathanhindi> waelmagdy:you can know from the callers
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: he already introduced these funky stuff
<HardDisk> tayib..from a marketing view...I think we need to show them how attractive linux is.
<waelmagdy> طيب ممكن نتكلم بتفصيل اكتر عن الجزء الخاص بالفيديو لو خلصنا الاجندة كلها ولا ايه رايكم
<HardDisk> mashy.
<thelinuxer> no
<waelmagdy> علشان لو فتحت فى الموضوع ده مش هسكت وانا بكتب عربى طلقة :-D
<thelinuxer> there are still a couple of points
<thelinuxer> talama nawy tefta7
<thelinuxer> yeb2a ne7'alas el ba2y el awel
<thelinuxer> ok guys ?
<jonathanhindi> ok please cont. In english
<HardDisk> what are the points?
<thelinuxer> ok
<thelinuxer> next topic "Linux summer training for Engineering students @ Cairo University."
<thelinuxer> i was contacted by one of the CECE member in cairo university
<jonathanhindi> Can i say sth
<thelinuxer> they are a university group
<thelinuxer> they helped us in our last event
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: what jonathanhindi ?
<jonathanhindi> Why for engineering students i think open for all
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: cause it's summer training
<thelinuxer> it's not an open course
<HardDisk> summer school, so is it sponsored by the University?
<thelinuxer> they are part of the electrical engineering department
<HardDisk> what will the university provide exactly?
<thelinuxer> and they serve that department
<thelinuxer> they will provide us with 2 labs
<thelinuxer> let me check the email again
<HardDisk> ok
<HardDisk> in any case, unfortunately I can't participate in this, since I will be in the states or abu dhabi (work)
<jonathanhindi> ok but i am not an eng. Student and i was thier for a course
<thelinuxer> each lab has 20 PCs
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: dah tadreeb seefy
<thelinuxer> it's not a course
<jonathanhindi> I know the syslab
<jonathanhindi> Ok no problem
<thelinuxer> and that specific group serves electrical engineering department students
<HardDisk> will they provide you with a photocopy machine, projectors?
<jonathanhindi> Ok cont. Sorry
<thelinuxer> anyway i guess we don't have an infinite capacity keda leda
<thelinuxer> yes if we need projectors they will provide us with projectors
<HardDisk> and what if you need to print materials, cd's etc
<thelinuxer> but i guess they won't provide us with a photocopy machine
<HardDisk> if you're not sure, discuss it with them.
<thelinuxer> we can ask CECE for help
<HardDisk> k
<thelinuxer> i am sure about this
<HardDisk> wierd university :/
<HardDisk> weird*
<HardDisk> anyway...
<thelinuxer> they can print the materials
<thelinuxer> weird leeh ?
<HardDisk> that they wouldnt provide you with a photocopy machine for their programs?
<HardDisk> I mean you're not charging them anything.
<thelinuxer> they will provide us for the printed material
<thelinuxer> that's even better
<HardDisk> k
<jonathanhindi> k
<thelinuxer> it will start from Saturday July 3,2010 to Thursday July 8,2010
<thelinuxer> that's one calendar week
<HardDisk> have you discussed who will be be giving the training, what sort of courses?
<jonathanhindi> important Point
<thelinuxer> they wil basically need 4 instructors if not more
<Extend> HardDisk, firsr we need to agree then we can plan
<thelinuxer> they want us to train the student to use linux
<waelmagdy> i can help on that
<HardDisk> k
<HardDisk> sounds good to me
<HardDisk> 1+
<thelinuxer> it's very basic
<thelinuxer> desktop usage
<thelinuxer> and if they need more we can give some programming walla 7aga
<jonathanhindi> 1+
<thelinuxer> bas i guess we don't have enough man power
<thelinuxer> 1+
<waelmagdy> i was working as an instructor for IBM teaching RHCE and LPI courses
<waelmagdy> +1
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: gr8 :)
<thelinuxer> 3/5 cool
<HardDisk> 4/5 :D
<thelinuxer> 4/5 we i guess Extend
<thelinuxer> will join us :D
<HardDisk> el shay da shaklo 3amil 3amayel
<thelinuxer> lol
<Extend> +1
<thelinuxer> gr8
<thelinuxer> the last topic is not that important
<HardDisk> ok unanimous vote.
<thelinuxer> and it's related to the creation of the website as a whole
<HardDisk> the last topic was Anas's idea
<HardDisk> and he isn't here....
<thelinuxer> Create an Arabic guide to gaming on Ubuntu.
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: yes
<waelmagdy> i need that guide personally :-D
<thelinuxer> i guess we can skip it for now, and discuss it later
<HardDisk> agreed
<jonathanhindi> agree
<Extend> i agree
<thelinuxer> ok can we have a 10 mins prayer break ?
<Extend> yeah sure
<HardDisk> uh ok
<HardDisk> mashy i'll wait for you guys
<thelinuxer> then we will hear the details from waelmagdy
<jonathanhindi> K
<thelinuxer> it's now 8:33
<thelinuxer> we will be back at 8:43
<waelmagdy> ok
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: HardDisk Extend jonathanhindi back
<Extend> wb
<waelmagdy> back
<jonathanhindi> Tiime
<jonathanhindi> Baxk
<HardDisk> I've been watching the room
<Extend> wb
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: it was a matter of seconds anyway
<jonathanhindi> Mkontsh ba3miel haga am going afte 10 min
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: ok np
<thelinuxer> ok lets continue
<thelinuxer> we are now done with the agenda
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: it's ur time now man
<HardDisk> now in terms of the website, we'll need to have a separate meeting dedicated to this, so we can have the people who will be involved in the designing etc to be available as well, so now we can discuss the ITshow and what else?
<jonathanhindi> some one joined the channel
<thelinuxer> asmaamostafa: hi
<thelinuxer> ok
<asmaamostafa> hi
<jonathanhindi> asmaamostafa : Hi Welcome
<thelinuxer> we will discuss the ITshow only now
<HardDisk> ok
<thelinuxer> the rest is basically the portal
<waelmagdy> اوك
<HardDisk> go ahead
<thelinuxer> and the summer course
<thelinuxer> so we will have a separate meeting for the portal isA
<jonathanhindi> isa
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: go ahead ya basha
<waelmagdy> طيب مبدئيا انا اتكلمت مع احمد عن محاور تطوير الدعاية للجروب عامه
<waelmagdy> واهما حالياً فى وجهه نظرى تقديم الجروب وايصال رسالتنا عن طريق القنوات الشعبيه عامه
<waelmagdy> ومنها التليفزيون والصحافة والمنتديات والفيس بوك
<jonathanhindi> el 3arbi byegy be el shatlob fe el client dah
<waelmagdy> بالنسبة للتليفزيون .......
<HardDisk> ah ma3lish wael, speaking of which...did you people get the links to the official branding of the ubuntu logos?
<Extend> jonathanhindi, which client u r using? BitchX ?
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: franco arab please 3ashan jonathanhindi
<HardDisk> jonathan did a great job with the artwork, just a reminder we have to follow the branding as they placed it.
<HardDisk> they as in canonical.
<jonathanhindi> mobile client keda mesh yref esmo eih mIRGGI
<HardDisk> the link had a PDF guide and the eps/svg's
<Extend> what is ur mobile OS?
<waelmagdy> ana malish fel franko khales we mish bakteb 7rof latini bsor3a
<HardDisk> ok, stop shouting :)
<jonathanhindi> S60 v3.1
<thelinuxer> calm down people
<Extend> k
<thelinuxer> e7na keda benetkalem fe bo2 ba3d :D
<jonathanhindi> m7desh byza3a2
<HardDisk> his caps was stuck
<HardDisk> lol
<thelinuxer> tayeb wael do what suits u
<thelinuxer> sorry ya jonathan
<jonathanhindi> Yes my caps was stuck we dah mobile
<HardDisk> jon ill translate for you
<HardDisk> go ahead.
<jonathanhindi> K
<waelmagdy> حلو موضوع الترجمه ده :-D
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: lol eshta
<thelinuxer> continue ya basha
<waelmagdy> طيب بقول ان الابونتو حقق نجاح كبير عن طريق تبسيط المعلومة
<HardDisk> wael was saying before: first of all i spoke with ahmed about promoting the group in general, and the most important part i think for the group that we need to showcase through the young people tv shows, tv, articles, forums and facebook
<waelmagdy> وانا شايف ان المهم فى الفترة الجايه نتواجد بره اطار المهتمين بالكمبيوتر او التكنولوجيا عامه
<waelmagdy> يعنى مش لازم نستنى الناس تخش منتديات دعم اللينكس او المنتديات المتخصصة فى تكنولوجيا المعلومات وبس
<jonathanhindi> am reading with you no need le el trgma bas belr7a 3ashn 2l7a2 22rah be el sha2lob
<waelmagdy> عايزين نوصل الرساله للناس فى اماكنهم
<jonathanhindi> thanks Hard Disk wael please sont.
<jonathanhindi> Cont.
<HardDisk> wael is saying: im saying ubuntu produced a great success story in providing simplicity of information and I see that the most important thing right now is to focus on people outside the linux community as well.
<HardDisk> ok sorry.
<waelmagdy> يعنى على التويتر وعلى الفيس بوك والمنتديات الشعبيه والصحافة والتليفزيون الخ الخ
<thelinuxer> Pronco: kont feen ya 3am... gy a7'er el meeting!!!
<jonathanhindi> Pronco welcome
<waelmagdy> طبعاً ده مجهود كبير جداً ومحتاج مان باور ودعم كبير وتنظيم طبعاً
<HardDisk> wael, that's fine. we all know this.
<HardDisk> wael, how do you suggest we grow then?
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: he is going to get to it ya man :D
<HardDisk> k
<waelmagdy> انا بدأت فعلا بالتعاون مع قناه النيل الثقافيه واقنعتهم ان ده دور واجب عليهم باعتبارهم قناه قوميه وغير هادفة للربح وان من العيب عليهم دعم تقنيات تجارية زى مايكروسوفت
<jonathanhindi> fine cont.
<Pronco> thelinuxer, I am sorry, have some Internet troubles.
<thelinuxer> Pronco: np ya basha
<waelmagdy> وعملت الحلقات الاولى فعلاً بس مينفعش حالياً اننا نعمل فقرة دائما للينكس
<Pronco> jonathanhindi, thank you. whats up?
<waelmagdy> فكان الحل انى اعمل حلقات عن تقنيات وتطبيقات باستخدام اللينكس
<waelmagdy> يعنى مثلا ال virtual computing
<waelmagdy> cloud computing
<waelmagdy> وهكذا تطبيقات مهمه وباستخدام اللينكس
<waelmagdy> اتقفنا زى ما قال احمد اننا نجمع افكار لحلقات بالشكل ده ونجهزلها محتوى فيديو
<waelmagdy> وبعدين نسجل الحلقات ديه اثناء عرضها على التليفزيون ونمنتجها
<Extend> waelmagdy, excellent
<waelmagdy> اللوجو وعلامه مائيه ومقدمه الاول وفى الاخر وطبعاً روابط البورتال اللى هيتعمل
<waelmagdy> احنا غالباً بنستكمل التفاعل عن طريق جروب البرنامج على الفيس بوك
<waelmagdy> فمثلا لو عملنا حلقة على الفيرشوال بوكس هنقول الروابط على الجروب وهنحط على الجروب روابط البورتال
<Extend> wael momken el url beta3et group el program
<HardDisk> mazboot, el fikra, ba3d nehayit el 7al2a, t2ool "we le mazeed min el ma3loomat izhabo ila mawqi3 ....." zay bitoo3 el da3aya.
<waelmagdy> نفس الفيديوهات بعد المونتاج هتترفع على اليوتيوب والمواقع الشبيهه باسم الجروب
<waelmagdy> حاضر هحط الرابط بتاع الجروب
<Extend> shukran ya wael
<jonathanhindi> Maggie Joined Hi Magdy Welcome
<waelmagdy> وفى الواقع مفيش اى موانع من ناحيه القناه للترويج عن اى نشاط طالما مش تجارى
<jonathanhindi> Maggie**
<waelmagdy> فاحنا هنحط الروابط بتاعه البورتال على التليفزيون وبعدين نمنتج الفيديو ونحطها كعلامة مائيه ولوجو بطول مدة الفيديو
<HardDisk> wael, tayib 3andohom ay shroot?
<waelmagdy> تمام كده
<maggie_> Hi Jonathan :) Hi all
<thelinuxer> maggie_: hi maggie
<waelmagdy> لاء هى مش شروط هى قواعد الاعداد عامه تسرى على وعلى كل المعدين للفقرات كلها
<waelmagdy> هو مبدئيا البرنامج بيتزاع 3 ايام جمعه وسبت واحد
<HardDisk> shroot bima3na..ana bakalim shroot el barnamig
<waelmagdy> وبيتعاد ال 3 ايام اللى بعديهم
<HardDisk> ya3ny homa ma3andahomsh ay terms and conditions?
<Extend> hi maggie_
<waelmagdy> انا بعد الفقرة بتاعه يوم الاحد نص الوقت حوالى نص ساعه
<waelmagdy> وديه خاصة بتطبيقات الويب ونظم المعلومات عامه
<waelmagdy> المفروض الحلقة يكون فيها ماده فيلمية على الاقل 15 - 20 دقيقة
<Extend> konto geto sawarto el installfest
<waelmagdy> فلازم الفكرة اللى هنعرضها تكون قابله للعرض بمادة فلمية
<waelmagdy> ده مهم فعلاً
<waelmagdy> ان شاء الله المرة الجايه اصورة
<HardDisk> ok
<waelmagdy> بس المرة اللى فاتت كان معاده بالظبط مع معاد الحلقة :-D
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: e7na 7an7awel ne3mel keda dayman :P
<HardDisk> tayib...bardo we didn't discuss the material
<HardDisk> any ideas?
<asmaamostafa> I'm sorry waelmagdy but , aah maw3eed al7ala2ah?
<waelmagdy> طيب انتو مبدئيا ممكن تشوفو الحلقات اللى رفعتها وان شاء الله هرفع الباقى علشان دول 3 حلقات اوحش 3 حلقات بصراحه
<Extend> waelmagdy, wala aw7ash 3 7al2at wala 7aga
<waelmagdy> كان فيه حلقتين الاول تعريف بالابونتو عامه كنظام تشغيل
<HardDisk> I want to ask you, how does the host prepare his questions?
<waelmagdy> وبعدين عملت حلقة عن استخدام الابنتو من على الفلاشه علشان كان فيه اسئله كتير عن طريقة الستب ومشاكل مسح البيانات
<Extend> HardDisk, please let wael finish then we can discuss such things
<waelmagdy> لاء المزيع للاسف مش مزاكر لينكس خالص والاسئلة بتاعته بتبقى بالبركه كده
<waelmagdy> بس بحاول اسد معاه :-D
<HardDisk> ok.
<HardDisk> Can you collaborate with him on the questions?
<waelmagdy> بعد كده عملت حلقات عن الكلاود وتطبيق الاوبن بوكس
<HardDisk> meaning, you can prepare questions and answers for him?
<waelmagdy> box.net
<waelmagdy> بس طبعا ده مش اوبن سورس بس انا ركزت على ال openbox او الجزء الحر من التطبيق خاصة انه بيدعم تطبيقات مفتوحة المصدر كتير فى مجال الويب
<waelmagdy> لاء حاولت كتير بس هو بيحب يسأل كده اى حاجة وبيعتبر ديه حاجة funny
<waelmagdy> :P
<HardDisk> hmmm
<waelmagdy> انا اتكلمت مع احمد قبل كده وقولتله احنا اللى عايزينه محتوى الفيديو نفسه وبالمونتاج هنقدر نطلع حلقات جامدة على مزاجنا ونشيل اللى مش عايزينه
<waelmagdy> بس المهم لوجستيات الموضوع بقى
<HardDisk> coordinated questions and answers can help the viewers out there, in terms of being able to cover all points, you might want to discuss with your host for future shows that if you're able to give him a few prepared questions and if he approves to be used, things that he forgot to cover and so it doesnt look unorganized.
<waelmagdy> ناس تسجل الحلقات بكارت تى فى بصورة كويسه
<waelmagdy> والله HardDisk تعبت اشرح الكلام ده بس هو دماغه كده
<HardDisk> ok no problem
<HardDisk> fil 7ala di we'll just do it on our own portal.
<waelmagdy> اصلا انا يادوب ببعت سكربت الحلقة والفيديو قبليها بيومين ولا تلاته لادارة القناة ويادوب هو بيجى قبل التصوير بدقائق ياخد السكربت ويصور
<waelmagdy> التحضير للحلقة وكل حاجة علينا احنا
<HardDisk> ah ok.
<waelmagdy> المهم كنت بقول الاعداد للموضوع بقى
<waelmagdy> اولا عايزين نجمع افكار متنوعه عن اللينكس وتطبيقات باستخدامه مش شرط اللاوبنتو تحديداً ونعرضها على الادارة علشان لو اترفضت فكره تتقبل التانيه
<waelmagdy> وتكون كل الافكار ممكن ايجاد فيديو ليها
<HardDisk> wael, did you subscribe lil mailing list?
<HardDisk> 3ashan fee nas kteer b2afakar bas mish mawgodeen hena
<Extend> yabne seeb el ragel yekamel kalamoh
<waelmagdy> اه سجلت وكانت بتجيلى الرسائل بعدين وقفت مش عارف ليه هسجل باميل تانى ان شاء الله
<HardDisk> ana mish ibnak. and this is a discussion.
<waelmagdy> مفيش مشكلة يا شباب ان شاء الله ننظم الموضوع افضل
<HardDisk> sounds good.
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: nvm continue
<waelmagdy> انا بس كنت عايز اوضح نقطه عن تجربه
<waelmagdy> بعض الحلقات عملتها عن حاجات بره اللنكس خالص بس كنت مصورها من على الديسكتوب بتاعى من اللينكس فكانت الناس بتتصل تسأل ايه الويندوذ اللى بتستخدمها ديه وكنت بقول ان ده اوبنتو مش ويندوذ وبالتالى ديه طريقة غير مباشره للدعاية للابنتو برضو
<thelinuxer> akeed
<thelinuxer> we kaman law fe theme leena maslan
<waelmagdy> وان شاء الله الحلقة بتاعه الفيرشوال ماشين هصورها عن طريق الفيشوال بوكس وافتح الويندوذ من خلال الينكس مش العكس
<Extend> waelmagdy, great
<waelmagdy> اللى عايز vmware على ويندوز ينزله هو او مايكروسوفت فيرشوال ماشين هو حر
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: gr8
<waelmagdy> بس برضو هنبقى ادينا طريقة جديدة لاختبار اللينكس من خلال الويندوذ برضو
<Extend> waelmagdy, there is a vmware for linux
<jonathanhindi> Sorry guys bye
<Extend> jonathan k bye
<thelinuxer> jonathanhindi: bye jonathan
<waelmagdy> اه مانا عارف طبعا
<maggie_> bye jonathan
<Extend> HardDisk, im not fighting you but i want to give wael a space to talk
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: i guess we can get to the point where we can help
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: for example how many contributors will u need ?
<waelmagdy> طيب اكمل احنا محتاجين ناس تصور الحلقات وهى بتتذاع بكارت تى فى بجودة كويسة علشان الحلقات بتتزاع على الهواء وانا مبقدرش اسجلها بصورة كويسه
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: ok
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: ok i have a dvb card as i told u before
<HardDisk> hmm I can record it, I have a dreambox
<thelinuxer> and i wll be able to record the episodes isA
<waelmagdy> مش موضوع عدد احنا ممكن ننسق الموضوع بينا وخلاص
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: i was going to get to the next point. Enta me7tag content menena kol 1 week masalan ?
<HardDisk> Ill just have to see this nile channel
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: el mawdoo3 7ayemshy ezay ya3ny
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: Nile cultural channel
<Extend> thelinuxer,
<thelinuxer> there are a lot of nile channels
<Extend> i have an idea
<thelinuxer> Extend: yes..
<Extend> a good idea
<Extend> why do not we share the idea with all these notes to the guys in the mailing list
<waelmagdy> قناه النيل الثقافيه برنامج اى تى شو بيعرض جمعة وسبت وحد وبيعاد باقى ايام الاسبوع
<Extend> this will lead us to make many possible materials
<waelmagdy> بيعرض من الساعة 3 - 5 تقريباً وبيعاد من الساعة 11 ونص للساعة واحدة تقريبا
<HardDisk> wael, is it possible to get a good copy from your host for all the past episodes?
<asmaamostafa> Alsa3a kam belzabt...Plz?
<asmaamostafa> Ok Thnx
<thelinuxer> akeed we will do that
<waelmagdy> اه انا هرفع الحلقات على اليوتيوب بكره ولا بعده ان شاء الله وبعدين عايزين حد يظبط موضوع المونتاج واللوجهات والكلام ده
<Extend> we need to write these tasks then assign and seek volunteers
<waelmagdy> لما يبقى عندنا 10 - 15 حلقة متسجله ومتظبطه كويس هيبقى انجاز تاريخى فى رائيى محدش من داعمى المصادر المفتوحه عمله فى مصر ان شاء الله
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: u want us to add the logo on past videos ?
<thelinuxer> Extend: sure
<waelmagdy> اه طبعاً
<waelmagdy> القديم والجديد
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: i guess that's illegal man
<HardDisk> wael, mati2darsh tgeeb good copy of past recordings?
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: it's not our content
<waelmagdy> ليه بس انا كنت بستخدم نسخ ابونتو
<Extend> waelmagdy, means ubuntu logo ya thelinuxer
<HardDisk> ah mayinfa3sh to post branding logo over the tv show, we can get in trouble
<waelmagdy> او الجروب نفسها ايه المشكله
<HardDisk> you have to get explicit permission for this
<thelinuxer> exactly
<waelmagdy> من مين ناخد اذن
<waelmagdy> من القناه تقصدو
<thelinuxer> ok here is what we can do
<HardDisk> you can post the video without modification wel webpage/youtube channel etc will have the branding logo of us.
<thelinuxer> we can always add our website to te video details
<thelinuxer> dah el old episodes
<thelinuxer> the new ones will have our logo in the educational video material
<thelinuxer> so we won't get into any trouble this way
<thelinuxer> what do u think guys ?
<HardDisk> that's right.
<HardDisk> legally that's fine.
<Extend> i agree
<thelinuxer> what do u think wael ?
<HardDisk> wael, kida kida haykoon fee instructional videos made by us, which will carry our branding logos and voice overs.
<HardDisk> which you can point the url location on the tv show.
<waelmagdy> انا شايف اننا نستغل الحلقات اقصى استغلال انا عايز احط لوجو الجروب وانترو فى بدايه الفيديو وصفحة فى النهايه
<Extend> momtaz
<thelinuxer> gameel geddan
<thelinuxer> ok i guess we can discuss the material on the mailing list
<thelinuxer> to see who is willing to participate and what are the topics ...etc
<waelmagdy> تمام وان شاء الله نخلص من قناه النيل وهحاول مع قنوات تانيه ان شاء الله
<Extend> allah yenawar ya wael
<HardDisk> thelinuxer, anything else to discuss?
<waelmagdy> غير كده عايز نتحرك بالتوازى فى الفيس بوك والتويتر ومنتديات عامه كبيره
<HardDisk> thelinuxer active 3ala el facegroup aslan
<thelinuxer> akeed
<waelmagdy> وكنت اتكلمت مع احمد ان لو قدرنا نوصل لتوزيعه مصرية او بنكهه مصريه ده هيبقى انجاز نقدر نتكلم فى عرضه صحفياً وعلى التليفزيون
<HardDisk> wenshallah nshoofak 3ala dream 2 :)
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: my problem with that is
<Extend> wael we can remaster a release of ubuntu
<Extend> but why
<thelinuxer> what can we do more that what ubuntu already has ?
<thelinuxer> as i told u before we can send a script to our people that will do any changes we want to their desktops
<thelinuxer> download a theme and apply
<thelinuxer> add repo
<thelinuxer> install more packages...
<HardDisk> yea create a PPA
<HardDisk> like the bisigi themes
<waelmagdy> هى التفاصيل الفنيه ديه احنا فاهمينها بس بالنسبة للاعلام هيبقى اسمه اول نظام تشغيل مصرى
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: yeah PPAs
<Extend> wael
<Extend> el mawdo3 da sabe2 awanoh shewaia
<waelmagdy> ايوه
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: it won't be the first :)
<Extend> ta3ala nedakhal al nas fe el mawdo3 el awel
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: there is phaornix
<HardDisk> I agree with extend
<Extend> we ba3d keda ne2ool en e7na sha3';aleen fe 7aga zay deeh
<HardDisk> we can talk about this all day.
<Extend> bs ba3d ma nedresHa kwais
<thelinuxer> i agree too
<Extend> le2anha law et3amlet ghalat
<Extend> 7atefshal :((((((((((((
<HardDisk> we just need to end the meeting with a proper conclusion and any other discussions?
<Extend> bos
<waelmagdy> اوك
<Extend> you need arabic support we da mawgood
<Extend> also we have islamic release of ubuntu called Sabily
<Extend> if anyone heard about it
<waelmagdy> طيب انا قولت لاحمد انا اقدر اساعد فى تصميمات الجرافيك
<Extend> we can do an episode about it
<waelmagdy> اه سبيلى واعجوبه
<Extend> sabily is based on ubuntu
<thelinuxer> Extend: i guess we shouldn't introduce a lot of variances keda keda
<thelinuxer> 3ayzeen el nas bas te7faz ubuntu el awel
<Extend> thelinuxer, yes u r right
<thelinuxer> ba3d keda nefahemhom el kalam dah
<waelmagdy> بالظبط وده اللى اقصده بنظام تشغيل مصرى حاجة زى اعجوبه وسبيلى
<Extend> we can introduce these derivatives at the right time
<thelinuxer> Extend: ok
<Extend> because its already prepared and there are people and groups are working on it and they have hteir strategy
<thelinuxer> so do we have anything else to discuss ?
<HardDisk> nope
<Extend> so when we need we have options
<Extend> nope
<Extend> it was a great meeting
<waelmagdy> البورتال
<HardDisk> can we say this meeting is adjourned?
<thelinuxer> we will have another meeting for the portal isA
<HardDisk> k Ill upload the logs
<thelinuxer> when do u want that to be ?
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: but pleas echeck the formatting
<HardDisk> yea thelinuxer inta ba2a shoof el meeting el gey
<HardDisk> thelinuxer I get the logs from the official bot
<Extend> HardDisk, we already have the logs up
<HardDisk> not my script
<HardDisk> from locobot
<thelinuxer> u uploaded some pages before
<HardDisk> yea
<HardDisk> from locobot
<thelinuxer> they weren't formatted correctly
<thelinuxer> mesh faker eih el link
<HardDisk> that's how they do it
<thelinuxer> heya el logs kanet feen ?
<HardDisk> http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org
<thelinuxer> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2010-05-07
<thelinuxer> no one can read anything from that
<thelinuxer> we need to have a standard man ;)
<waelmagdy> ده رابط الجروب بتاع البرنامج
<HardDisk> there is a standard
<waelmagdy> v
<waelmagdy> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2572866775
<HardDisk> its from the locobot
<thelinuxer> check the link i sent
<thelinuxer> and tell me what u see
<Extend> bad format
<thelinuxer> waelmagdy: i joined the group 7'alas
<maggie_> me too
<HardDisk> i dont see whats wrong with it
<thelinuxer> we 7asada3 ahmed yousif dah isA
<HardDisk> they just need records thats all
<HardDisk> we've always done it that way
<thelinuxer> the problem is that there is no line breaks
<thelinuxer> kolo laze2 fe ba3do
<HardDisk> oh is that it?
<thelinuxer> yes just formatting
<HardDisk> oh snap
<HardDisk> yea I see that now
<HardDisk> oops
<HardDisk> my bad
<thelinuxer> np
<HardDisk> aight ill do it
<thelinuxer> ok cool
<thelinuxer> can u separate the meeting section frm the rest of the day too ?
<HardDisk> yea of course
<thelinuxer> eshta
<thelinuxer> so lets summarize
<thelinuxer> we basically discussed the portal
<thelinuxer> and all agreed that we need another meeting to discuss the technical part of the issue
<thelinuxer> second point was using Arabic language on our wiki as our main language
<Extend> yes
<thelinuxer> third: Linux summer training for Engineering students @ Cairo University. and we agreed that this should be forwarded to the mailing and check who wants to participate
<thelinuxer> last point was the discussion of all the details of ITShow
<thelinuxer> and we need the whole team in this point too
<thelinuxer> ok, i guess this summarizes everything
<Extend> :)
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: u'[ll take care of the meeting page and the logs, am i correct ?
<HardDisk> yes
<HardDisk> I'll work on it in 10 minutes after I grab a drink
<thelinuxer> Extend: u will try check the status of the ubuntu-eg domain
<thelinuxer> HardDisk: np
<thelinuxer> and I have to write the emails to the mailing list
<thelinuxer> these are all the action items that we have
<thelinuxer> forgot anything ?
<HardDisk> nope
*** HardDisk changes topic to "Welcome to Upuntu *ehem* Ubuntu Egypt. "Do you Ubuntu, like I do?" | HERE!: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx | http://www.ubuntu.com/ | SA: ubuntu.com/usn"
<thelinuxer> so i guess this meeting is adjourned :) thank u all

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