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|| Mahmoud Raouf || || +20122272300 || 30°2'58.92" N, 31°12'13.68" E || 24 Dr. Mohamed Shain st., Agouza, Giza, Egypt ||

The following is the list of Ubuntu supporters in Egypt. This list will be very beneficial for new users to locate a supporter near them. what is required here is a bit of a challenge. we need name, email, mobile number and coordinates of your home in Google Earth and your address is optional. so guys please do your best to supply us with this data as soon as possible cuz its our awaited surprise. Please add yourself at the end of the table because i will make some conversions before this data is workable.






Karim Fayez


32°05'44.92" N, 31°22'35.16" E

2w saied zakareia khalil st., sq# 1166, sheraton heliopolis buildings, Cairo, Egypt

Seif Lotfy


Ahmed Abdel-Aliem


81 El-Kersh st, from Gamal Abdel-Naser st, Omar Ebn El-Khatab, Gesr El-Suis, Cairo, Egypt

Joseph Daniel


30°5'50"N, 31°15'18"E

Shobra, Cairo

Jonathan N. Hindi




Bahaa S. Salama



Mohamed AQ. Saudi


Heliopolis Cairo,Egypt

Sam Azab

sambuntu at



Heliopolis - Cairo,Egypt

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