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About Me

I've been a member of Ubuntu Forums since the end of May 2007, joining there to get a few answers and have spent many hours there since helping others. I had a near miss causing all my previous contributions to the forum to be mislaid - good job Matthew was there to pick up the pieces Smile :)

Luckily I was able to retain my hard won username.

A Few Links:

Ubuntu Forums - forestpiskie Launchpad - forestpiskie IRC - forestpiskie, hobgoblin on irc.freenode.net


Ubuntu Forums

I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums whenever I can, mostly in the Absolute Beginners and General forums, although I have been known to stop by the Installation forums; as I like to get on to new versions quite quickly I also use the development forums.

I was recently asked to join the staff as a moderator on the forums - I was honoured to accept.

Participating heavily in the Forum Wiki Team aiming at moving threads from the forum to the community wikipages.


(Previous membership testimonials)

# drubin I have worked on the ubuntu beginners team with forestpixie some time. His efforts to help new users with their transition is something to be commended no matter how simple the question or how many times he has answered it before in the same day his approach will always be sincere and put effort into explaining. He is one of the most active members on the forums as well as IRC. (#ubuntuforums-beginners , ##beginners-help).

# MattHelmke forestpixie (Kev) has been a wonderful asset to the forums and to the greater Ubuntu community with his consistent helpfulness, positive demeanor and attitude, and general, overall good example. He intentionally participates in the forums community with the purpose of finding users who are struggling and assisting them with solutions, especially beginners. The issue he refers to in his description involved the banning of his previous account by mistake--he had reported an offensive post and a staff member accidentally "flipped the switch" on his username instead of the one breaking the rules. forestpixie dealt with the mistake with grace and maturity, even when we found ourselves unable to restore his old account's posts. That says far more about a person than how they deal with only good things. He is a sincere, honest, and upright guy who is gracious and kind. I recommend him very highly for Ubuntu membership.

# overdrank forestpixie has been a great asset on the forums and to the Beginners Team. They are always willing to help with a pleasant reply, exhibits patients to teach the new users of Ubuntu. When I am searching the forums to help and I come across a thread that forestpixie has responded to, I feel confident the user will be help and I can move on to others. Smile :) forestpixie would make a great addition to the Ubuntu membership.

# Joeb454 forestpixie almost always seems to be around on IRC/the forums. He's always willing to help no matter what the problem is, he'll give it a try anyway. His patience with newcomers is something I think many people should take note of, and learn from. I wholeheartedly support forestpixie's application for Ubuntu Membership.

# cprofitt forestpixie has been an active member on the UFBT (Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team) particularly with the Education Focus group. forestpixie has developed and presented courses using IRC. He is patient when working with new users who need help. I believe his style of working with others helps to make the Ubuntu community a positive experience for new users. forestpixie will be a fantastic advocate for Ubuntu and I strongly support his application for Ubuntu Membership.

# ShaunDennie forestpixie is one of the most levelheaded, calm and helpful people we have in the Ubuntu forums community. If someone were to ask me to describe the embodiment of the Ubuntu spirit in a person, I'd happily point them at forestpixie. In my opinion, his contributions on the forums go well beyond the requirements for Ubuntu Membership and his patience with helping even the newest Ubuntu users on IRC make him someone we should be proud to recognize as an important member of the Ubuntu community.


May 2011 - please visit the thread on the forum. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1752845