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= Emerson Soares =
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homepage: in consructions! :D homepage: in consruction! :D

homepage: in consruction! Big Grin :)

e-mail: <emerson DOT debian AT gmail DOT com>

gpg id: 0x245878F1

irc nick: [cyb3rM4N]

I'm living in [http://maps.google.com/maps?q=manaus,+brazil&spn=0.153066,0.238747&t=k&hl=en Manaus], which is a city in Amazonas, Brazil.


Hi, my name is Emerson Soares, I'm Living in Manaus, where I'm a Founding member of Debian-AM and Ubuntu-BR together with others friends, and currently also I am helping in the Ubuntu-BR project, with translations and in the development to the Ubuntu, Ubuntu-BR, Debian and Free Software.

GpgID: 0x245878F1

Linux User: #337731

Things that I want to do

  • Become an Ubuntu Developer Advocate ubuntu and free software

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