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Meeting Time

Wed 25 January 2012 from 7pm to 8pm (GMT+4)


IRC Meeting to plan for the Release Party of Ubuntu 12.04 - #ubuntu-ae

Participants / RSVPs

  1. rverrips: RoyVerrips (Chair)

  2. nlsthzn: nlsthzn

  3. Haden
  4. DirkT
  5. bassem
  6. Naseel (was his first time, glad to have him)


  • Define Primary Aim: Functional (upgrades) vs. Exposure (introduce people to Ubuntu)
  • Date and Time (on release day vs. better for exposure, i.e. weekends, etc.)
  • Venue considerations/needs (i.e. high speed internet vs. available for exposure)
  • Venue options (follows on date and time and other considerations)
  • Identify further actions items / next meeting time

Decisions Taken

  • Should be in internally focused informal meeting
  • Aimed at promoting the new features of 12.04 (through presentations)
  • Also aimed at helping those present to upgrade using a cached server

Discussions Deferred

  • Date, Time and Venue were hard to define - Was decided to discuss these at the next monthly meetup

Offers for resources

  • Haden offered to prepare a cached server that everyone can upgrade from (no need for internet)
  • DirkT offered to prepare a wireless point he can tether onto GPRS/3G for those who need internet

Deepest Desire for Launch Party

  • It was discussed and suggested the best and most unique party we could have would be in the desert somewhere

Actions to follow

  • Discussion about the release party will continue at next weeks monthly meeting (on Wednesday 1st February)