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Second IRC Meeting - #ubuntu-ae

IRC Meeting Logs

Complete logs: EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingLogs20110424


In order of presentation:

  1. bojicas: SilviuBojica

  2. rverrips: RoyVerrips

  3. bassem_mobile: Bassem Jarkas
  4. nlsthzn - Neil Oosthuizen



hadenx )

Common Agreements

  • to be used as our main reference (until is available)

  • Publish (as opposed to as it is shorter
  • Stay on Meetup mailing list for the time being
  • Stay on Meetup for organizing meet-ups
  • Minimum of one admin + one backup person for all on-line presences (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
    • Exception: Wiki not to have any specific admin or backup person specified (already moderated)
  • Core active members (Admin and back-up person) of the Loco to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
  • Next IRC meeting date to be decided at the meetup of the 4th of May 2011


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