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## page was copied from EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingSummary20110827


Fourth IRC Meeting - #ubuntu-ae

IRC Meeting Logs

Complete logs: EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingLogs20110827


In no particular order:

  1. Uxthui
  2. rashidragon
  3. jjksaji
  4. xnixan
  5. rverrips: Roy Verrips
  6. nlsthzn: Neil Oosthuizen
  7. ragesh


  • Events Planning for Software Freedom Day


Common Agreements

  • Need to get feedback from Installfest held at the American University of Sharjah participants
  • Look into business cards to help spread awareness of the Loco in the UAE


  • Register the Loco on as participating

  • Organize a walk along the beach in Dubai to promote Free and Open Source Software

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