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 1. rverrips -  1. rverrips - Roy Verrips
 1. nlsthzn - Neil Oosthuizen


Fourth IRC Meeting - #ubuntu-ae

IRC Meeting Logs

Complete logs: EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingLogs20110827


In no particular order:

  1. Uxthui
  2. ragesh
  3. iOmar - Omar
  4. rverrips - Roy Verrips
  5. nlsthzn - Neil Oosthuizen


  • Future format of the monthly sessions
  • Issues with using meetup
  • Launchpad access - Getting ubuntu-ae as the official LoCo moniker

  • Ubuntu Business Cards


Common Agreements

  • Future monthly meetings will have the following format:
    • First is a 10 mins overview of Ubuntu for newbies Second is a How to Session on an Ubuntu related topic Three is Tea, Coffee and Snacks for a social end to the night.
  • Rotating speakers for the How to Sessions
  • Not to splinter Ubuntu-ae into smaller areas (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.)


  • Toki to do first presentation as per new format
  • More discussion about the proposed business cards

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