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  • This page is home to the Ubuntu Emirates LoCo team page. This page helps to give insight and distribute information regarding all Ubuntu related issues locally. We are here to show how this distribution of linux is a key player in the IT market for both personal and professional use. Everyone involved in the LoCo has equal opportunity towards the development of GNU/Linux in United Arab Emirates. You are an ambassador to help and assist in the migration towards open source technologies. Our goal as a team is to market the abilities of Ubuntu as a powerful operating system and help people integrate the technology and/or migrating from other operating systems and technologies into this one as a more advanced and beneficial advantage. We conduct frequent training on how to use Linux, showcasing its ease of use. We also organize installation festivals whenever possible.


How to join

  1. Create a Launchpad account.(If you didn't already have one!). Do it Now!

  2. Join our Launchpad team. Do it Now! (Not Ready)

  3. Subscribe to the Mailing list to stay in touch with us. Do it Now! (Temporary)

  4. Add your name to the the team's Memebers list. Do it Now!

  5. Find the nearest Ubuntu-ae members to your location to help promote Ubuntu in your area Find!

How to Contribute

  • Ubuntu Join our mailing list.

    Ubuntu Try to attend meetings which will are conducted either over IRC or physically in person at agreed local locations. (Follow the mailing list for information).

    Ubuntu Spread the word of Ubuntu in your society.

    Ubuntu Bringing more members into our team.

    Ubuntu Write articles in our wiki or in our up comping web portal.

    Ubuntu Share success stories of Ubuntu experience.

    Ubuntu Participate in our events.

    Ubuntu Introduce any ideas and methods of implementation.


  • Our tasks currently include introducing GNU/Linux, specifically Ubuntu to as many people as possible in the United Arab Emirates community. We will achieve this by distributing large amounts of Ubuntu master CDs. This will cost money due to Emirates taxes, but will help market Ubuntu here since has very few original CD's in the market.

Goals for year 2011

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in technical ability and size.

    Ubuntu Become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Organize an installation fest.

    Ubuntu Start Linux training on a professional level.


  • Tip.png 08/04/2007 The first version of this wiki page Wink ;-)

    Tip.png 07/04/2007 #ubuntu-ae official irc channel

    Tip.png 02/03/2007 Ubuntu Installfest 2011 in American University of Sharjah.

    Tip.png 24/06/2010 Meetup page is created.

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