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= Current and Future Projects = == Current and Future Projects ==
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= Cheers from the Community = == Cheers from the Community ==

Ubuntu user, freelance Web developer, documentation author and community volunteer. In theory my "day job" involves developing and deploying Drupal; however, I do a lot of other things related to FOSS as well. For example: I have also been active as a college and business lecturer and conference speaker. Conference topics have included how to really get more women involved in open source, database migration for Drupal, and how to deliver presentations. My laptop sports all the requisite stickers (Ubuntu, VW, Farmers Feed Cities! and Creative Commons). A longer list of presentations (including links to videos, slides and handouts) is available from my personal site. In 2007 I hosted my region's first-ever rural technology conference, HICK Tech. This one day conference has grown into a full community consultancy. It helps to empower people, businesses and communities to use technology, and especially open source technology.


I have been using Debian-based distributions as my primary operating system since 2003, and Ubuntu since 2007. My original trials with Debian, the 2.4 kernel and ACPI led me to write supporting documentation on how to patch and compile a kernel, which were later included in The Linux Documentation Project. (I'm sure the recent xkcd comic, Cautionary, was about me.) In 2006 I started ordering Ubuntu CDs for my mum's bookshop cafe (she had one of the first free wifi hotspots in her small, rural community). She gives out approximately two CDs a month and has learned to be an advocate for FOSS software herself.

Magazine Articles

Ubuntu Women

  • Wrote the first draft of the project's Road Map.

  • Active on the mailing list and in the IRC channel (as time permits, of course).

Other contributions

  • Our local LUG transforms donated hardware into Ubuntu boxes for high school students who cannot afford to buy their own computer. (STARS is Supplying Technology to At Risk Students.)
  • Organized HICK Tech, a rural technology conference in Owen Sound, Canada. Included Ubuntu CDs in the give-away bags. Received a sponsorship from Pearson Education to give away five copies of The Official Ubuntu Book.
  • Speaker at several conferences on the role of women in open source (and how we need to change our focus towards world domination of FOSS) -- including OSCON 2008, LugRadio Live (San Francisco and Wolverhampton); also technical presentations on database migration for Drupal, podcasting, and general talks for small businesses on how to take advantage of the Internet. A longer list of presentations (including links to videos, slides and handouts) is available from my personal site.

  • Author and coordinator for The Linux Documentation Project (retired from position)

Current and Future Projects

  • Review the DocBook section of the Ubuntu Style Guide.

  • Review the Accessibility section of the official Ubuntu documentation (integrated desktop help).
  • Identify and work with a group of local high school students to create teen-friendly documentation for the STARS systems (and contribute this documentation back to the Ubuntu).
  • Continue to advocate for, and implement, "alternative" marketing strategies (in addition to the usual suspects) through community volunteerism and public speaking engagements.

Cheers from the Community


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