Epson AcuLaser C1100 printer in Ubuntu (64bit) 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 LTS, and 10.10

As a follow-up from, the information on this page describes how to correctly install the Epson C1100 on the 64-bit version of Ubuntu (from 9.04 to 10.10). The same method should also work on the 32bit flavours of Ubuntu just incase you have issues with the other method.

First, create a new folder to download the attached archive

Open an terminal via ACCESSORIES > TERMINAL & make a directory as explained below to store your installation files;

#mkdir epson_install64

move to the installation directory you just created;

#cd epson_install64

Keep this terminal window open for now...

Download the file attached to this Wiki page

You now need to download the file attached to this page. AcuLaserC1100.tar.gz (Date Stamped (2010-10-26 10:55:37, 534.7 KB)). Once downloaded, copy this to the folder we created earlier (epson_install64).

Extract the Files

Back in the terminal, we now need to extract the files using the following command:

#tar -zxvf AcuLaserC1100.tar.gz

Run the Install Script

I have simplified this process as best as I possibly can, and included a simple Install script which you now run from the Terminal.

First, we need to go into the C1100 Folder, which contains all the files we just extracted

#cd C1100

Now, lets run the Install Script


The script will now begin installing all required dependencies and then compile and install the driver, aswell as symlink all required binaries in a manner which will allow CUPS to work correctly. The script automatically calls *sudo* when ran, so you will be asked for your Password when you run this script, as it requires elevated permissions to fully download all required dependencies and install the drivers correctly.

Install the Printer to your system!

To install your printer, use the following command in the Terminal we already have running:

#lpadmin -p alc1100 -E -v usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -m Epson-AL-C1100-fm3.ppd

This will then install your printer under usb:/dev/usb/lp0. If you use a Wireless Print Server (such as a Netgear WGPS606), then you can use the Web Interface for CUPS (http://localhost:631/admin/) and use the Add Printer button, and choose LPD/LPR Printer Host.

Enter the address of the Printer, name, location, etc etc, as normal, and when you reach the page which lists all the printer makes, at the bottom there is an entry which asks you to Provide a PPD File:. Use this option, and then browse to, and select, the file Epson-AL-C1100-fm3.ppd (this is where all the file were originally extracted), then continue setting your defaults and other items.

Your printer should now be working! Smile :)

Side Note

Just a quick mention regarding the Printer. The included .ppd file for this printer, sets its default printing mode to B&W. If you wish to print Colour, you will have to go into your printing preferences from whatever application you print from, and manually change to Colour. The reason for this is, most of the time I send just B&W Prints to the printer (as I'd imagine most others do in the office) and the printer will still cycle all 4 colours during the printing process of each page, thus reducing the print speed to 5ppm B&W. This way, the print speed returns to around 25ppmby default (B&W), and when you manually select colour, the printer will obviously run 5ppm colour cycles.

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