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About Me

I'm a 31 year old father of three living in the United States, in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. By day, I am a Network Administrator supporting mostly Windows machines. I have been using Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, Red Hat, Suse, Slackware) for about 4 years now. My Linux journey began when I started learning Perl. I was writing my code on a Red Hat 8 machine and a friend challenged me to use a distro that wasn't so easy. He said that I should try to run Slackware. So I did. He kept giving me challenges, and in the process I was getting deeper and deeper into Linux.

Enter Ubuntu

Late 2005, a friend introduced me to Ubuntu - then version 5.10. At the time, I was using Gentoo and Suse and really wasn't impressed with what Ubuntu offered. In November of that year, I changed jobs. Within the first few weeks, I had a Suse box running on the network monitoring the servers. One of the other members of the IT staff saw that I was running Linux and wanted to know more about it. I happened to have some Ubuntu CDs with me and gave him one to try. Since he was brand new to Linux, I thought that it would be good for me to set up a machine myself to run Ubuntu. That way, I could see what he was seeing when questions came up. At that point, I was hooked. I have been using Ubuntu since and have never looked back.

In January 2007, I co-founded the [ Kentucky LoCo Team]. The team started as a small group of three and in the first month grew to 15. We have some big plans for this year. The biggest of which is to start a [ Charity] project that will focus on providing PCs to people that can not afford to purchase one. Of course, pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community

Wiki Contributions

Kentucky Team stuff

Personal Goals For 2007

  • (./) Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member (approved on 3/20/2007).

    Ubuntu Pass the LPI Certification exams.

    Ubuntu Pass the Ubuntu Certified Professional exam.

    (./) Ubuntu Attain my black belt in [ Aikido].

Goals For The Kentucky LoCo Team For 2007

Ubuntu Membership Approval

15:06 <    Seveas> ok, next up: etank
15:06 <      mako> yeah, i'd prefer that
15:06 <     etank> hi
15:06 <      mako> lets wait until elmos is ok
15:06              >>> jamesbrose!
15:06              <   iGama! ["Leaving"]
15:06 <    Seveas> (s|g wanted to come later, xerxas isn't around)
15:06 <      mako> we've got two oks from us but i'd rather everyone was comfortable before we move forward
15:06 <    Seveas> etank, please introduce yourself
15:06 <     etank> My name is Eric Lake. I have been advocating Ubuntu since the day I started using it in December 
15:06 <     etank> of 2005. Before that time I was a Gentoo and Suse user. I am a co-founder and team leader for the 
15:06 <     etank> Kentucky Team. My Ubuntu pages are and 
15:06 <     etank>
15:06 <    Seveas> mako, indeed
15:06 <       s|g> Seveas: im finished
15:06 <    Seveas> s|g, pm is ok now
15:09 <    sabdfl> nice neat wiki page - thanks etank
15:09 <     etank> thank you
15:09 <     jenda> This is one of those aaawkward silences before the +1s start rolling in...
15:09 <     jenda> ah, too late ;)
15:09 <    sabdfl> so using ubuntu since late 05, when did you get involved in the community?
15:09 <    sabdfl> sorry jenda, slow reader :-)
15:10 <     etank> around the same time but mostly posts on the forum
15:10 <     jenda> sabdfl: not at all, it makes it a lot more thrilling ;)
15:10 <      mako> etank: kentucky is a commonwealth, right?
15:10 <     etank> mako: yes it is
15:10 <      mako> etank: excellent :)
15:11 <      mako> i like it already
15:11 < highvolta> commonwealth? so we can go there without a visa?
15:11 <  atoponce> etank is rock solid with loco work. if everyone were like etank when starting their state loco in the u.s., we'd have a team in every state in no time
15:11 <     etank> thank you atoponce 
15:11              >>> Juxtaposed!n=belutz@
15:11 <      mako> highvoltage: yeah, just technically not a state. it's a mostly semantic difference.. but important to some people from other commonwealths
15:11 <      mako> etank: how many people in the group?
15:11 <      mako> etank: the kentucky loco?
15:11 <  atoponce> etank: np :) good luck!
15:12 <     etank> mako: we are at 41 members now
15:12              <   Belutz!n=belutz@ubuntu/member/belutz [Nick collision from services.]
15:12 <      elmo> mako: you US folks are weird
15:12 <      mako> etank: that's from lp though, right? how many are active?
15:12 <     etank> we are working towards LoCo approval now
15:12              ~   Juxtaposed is now Belutz
15:12 <      mako> elmo: mostly just me
15:12 <     etank> about 15 active 
15:12 <    sabdfl> how many large cities in kentucky?
15:12 <      mako> etank: still a good size.. do you have face to face meetings?
15:13 <     etank> we are going to be having the first on April 21st 
15:13              <   schwuk! ["What does this button do?"]
15:13              >>> schwuk_!
15:13 <     etank> that will be a release party / face to face meeting
15:13              <   GazzaK!n=GazzaK@colchester-lug/GazzaK []
15:13              ~   schwuk_ is now schwuk
15:14 <    sabdfl> who are the ringleaders?
15:14 <     etank> sabdfl: the two largest are Louisville and Lexington. they make up the largest amount of the population of the state
15:14 <     etank> bkingx, venemous and myself got things started
15:15 <    bkingx> I can also vouch for etank's effeciency in conducting meetings, organizing events, and setting agendas and goals!  First Class!!
15:15 <    sabdfl> is kentucky near ohio? is there any cross-pollination with those amazing guys?
15:15 <     etank> yes it is
15:15 <     etank> just to the south
15:16 <     etank> I have worked with Vorian some on ideas for the Kentucky team
15:16 <    sabdfl> that's good
15:16 <  atoponce> oh, ny, and ky are rocking it in loco work
15:16 <     etank> atoponce has been quite a bit of help too
15:16              >>> GazzaK!n=GazzaK@colchester-lug/GazzaK
15:17 <    sabdfl> etank: you reported a bug a week ago that's neds-info
15:17 <     etank> we are planning to go to the Ohio LinuxFest this year
15:17 <    sabdfl> will you provide it?
15:17              >>> digitone!
15:17 <     etank> I plan to but my USB drive was left at home 
15:18 <     etank> I am trying to recreate the error
15:20              >>> lmanul_!n=manu@
15:21 <    sabdfl> ok
15:21 <    sabdfl> the kentucky team looks well enough organised (grammar?) that i would be happy to +1 that, and the ringleaders for membership
15:21 <      mako> the kentucky team looks great
15:21              >>> alucardni!
15:21 <    sabdfl> mako, elmo?
15:21 <      elmo> +1
15:21              mako nods
15:22 <      mako> definitely a a +1 from me, welcome etank
15:22 <    sabdfl> bourbon all round!
15:22 <    Seveas> congratulations!
15:22 <    Seveas> s|g, you're up
15:22 <     etank> thanks
15:22 <    sabdfl> sorry elmo, can i have yours?