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About Me

I'm a 31 year old father of three living in the United States, in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. By day I am a Network Administrator supporting mostly Windows machines. I have been using Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, Red Hat, Suse, Slackware) for about 4 years now. It all started for me when I started learning Perl. I was writing my code on a Red Hat 8 machine and a friend of mine challenged me to do something that wasn't so easy. He said that I should try to run Slackware. So I did. He then kept giving me more and more challenges and in the process I was getting deeper and deeper into Linux.

In Janurary 2007, I founded the KentuckyTeam LoCo team. The team is just starting but we have a desire to grow!

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community

  • 187 Posts on the forum. Growing every day.
  • Started and lead the Ubuntu-KY LoCo Team.

Personal Goals For 2007

  • Become an Ubuntu Member.
  • Attain my black belt in Aikido.

Goals for Ubuntu-KY For 2007

  • Help the team grow in ability and size.
  • Become an Approved LoCo team.