Welcome to my wiki. Be advised that this page is still very much a work in progress. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or advice at the address below. Email: <>


  • My technical knowledge is mostly self taught, but I always try to learn from others. I began using GNU/Linux in 1999 With Red Hat and never looked back, even though it needed a great deal of work at the time. At age 8 I learned to program in BASIC on an Apple IIC but never learned C/C++ until I was in high school. Still, I don't know why I haven't gotten involved in the community before now. I hope to improve my skills and contribute to the improvement of FOSS available to the world.

What am I doing?


Right now.

Right now is a bit unproductive for me.




This is all for now, but there will be more at a later date.



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