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Dep level



|0|antlr3|| |0|eucalyptus-commons-ext-java* (eucalyptus-commons-ext-java)|| |0|groovy|| |0|janino|| |0|asm2 (libasm2-java)|| |0|libaxiom-java* (libaxiom-java)|| |0|c3p0 (libc3p0-java)|| |0|cglib2.1 (libcglib2.1-java)|| |0|libcommons-cli-java|| |0|libcommons-fileupload-java|| |0|commons-io (libcommons-io-java)|| |0|libcommons-jxpath-java|| |0|dnsjava* (libdnsjava-java)|| |0|drools* (libdrools-core-java)|| |0|excalibur-logkit (libexcalibur-logkit-java)|| |0|libezmorph-java|| |0|geronimo-ejb-3.0-spec* (libgeronimo-ejb-3.0-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-j2ee-connector-1.5-spec* (libgeronimo-j2ee-connector-1.5-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-jms-1.1-spec (libgeronimo-jms-1.1-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-jpa-3.0-spec* (libgeronimo-jpa-3.0-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-jta-1.0.1b-spec (libgeronimo-jta-1.0.1b-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-jacc-1.1-spec* (libgeronimo-jacc-1.1-spec-java)|| |0|geronimo-interceptor-3.0-spec* (libgeronimo-interceptor-3.0-spec-java)|| |0|libgoogle-collections-java|| |0|gwt* (libgwt-java)|| |0|javassist (libjavassist-java)|| |0|jetty* (libjetty-java)|| |0|libjibx-java|| |0|libjson-java|| |0|jug* (libjug-asl-java)|| |0|mvel* (libmvel-java)|| |0|netty* (libnetty-java)|| |0|libslf4j-java|| |0|wss4j* (libwss4j-java)|| |0|libxml-security-java||

1st-level Dependencies of deps

ivy                                           [for groovy]
jruby1.1                                      [for eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]
junit4                                        [for groovy]
libaopalliance-java                           [for eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]
asm (libasm-java)                     [for libcglib2.1-java, eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]
aspectwerkz2 (libaspectwerkz2-java)           [for libcglib2.1-java]
libcommons-attributes-java                    [for eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]
libjamon-java                                 [for eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]
jexcelapi (libjexcelapi-java)                 [for drools]
mockobjects (libmockobjects-java)             [for groovy]
ow-util-ant-tasks (libow-util-ant-tasks-java) [for libasm2-java]
qdox (libqdox-java)                           [for libjibx-java]
stringtemplate (libstringtemplate-java)       [for antlr3]
swt-gtk (libswt-gtk-3.4-java)                 [for gwt]
libxstream-java                       [for drools, groovy, eucalyptus-commons-ext-java]

2nd and more level

commons-vfs (libcommons-vfs-java)     [for ivy]
concurrent-dfsg (libconcurrent-java)  [for libaspectwerkz2-java]
libhamcrest-java                      [for junit4]
jarjar (libjarjar-java)               [for libaspectwerkz2-java]
jmock (libjmock-java)                 [for libqdox-java]
libjoda-time-java                     [for libxstream-java]
jrexx (libjrexx-java)                 [for libaspectwerkz2-java]
trove (libtrove-java)                 [for libaspectwerkz2-java]

asm3 (libasm3-java)                   [for libjarjar-java]
easymock (libeasymock-java)           [for libhamcrest-java]


Total: 60 packages to MIR


Create new eucalyptus-javadeps

Create the specific eucalyptus hibernate libraries, containing the subset of hibernate needed for Eucalyptus and not all the JBoss hooks the libhibernate3-java package contains. Same for ehcache and Spring.

Those should be shipped as the new "eucalyptus-javadeps" package (which is kept to include all the non-standard libraries required by Eucalyptus).

Implement other hacks

All the other number-reducing hacks should be implemented:

  • Remove dependency from libclassworlds-java -> maven-ant-helper: DONE

  • Remove jmock and libconcurrent dependency on kaffe

Determine final map of MIR, split into sets

The final dependencies should be determined and splitted into sets that can be handled separately.

MIR sets

1: jibx asm2 janino / qdox jmock libow-util-ant-tasks (LP: #405715)
2: libaxiom-java dnsjava netty jug mvel slf4j xmlsecurity wss4j javassist (LP: #406346)
3: groovy / junit4 mockobjects xstream ivy commons-vfs libhamcrest-java easymock libjoda-time-java jarjar asm3
4: cglib2.1 / aspectwerkz2 concurrent-dfsg jrexx trove asm
5: geronimo-* (6 or 7)
6: jetty gwt / swt-gtk

Here are exceptions to the common "simple Debian JAR package" case:

  • Not just Java libraries

    • janino (binary)
    • groovy (binary)
    • swt-gtk (-jni native libraries)
  • Security concerns

    • gwt
    • jetty6
  • Not updated to default-java stuff yet

    • commons-vfs
    • libjoda-time-java
    • jarjar
    • asm3
    • aspectwerkz2
    • jrexx
    • trove
  • Not in Debian yet

    • libaxiom-java
    • dnsjava
    • netty
    • jug
    • mvel
    • wss4j
    • geronimo-*-spec
    • jetty6 (work in progress)
    • gwt

Unconfirmed sets

commons-cli commons-fileupload commons-io commons-jxpath excalibur-logkit commons-attributes
ezmorph google-collections json
antlr3 / stringtemplate
drools / jexcelapi
euca-commons-ext / jruby1.1 aopalliance jamon

Expected exceptional ones in there:

  • euca-commons-ext: NOTINDEBIAN, DUPLICATION, SECURITY (Spring)
  • jruby1.1 : BINARY

Process MIR sets

Several options, to be discussed with MIR team:

  • One bug per set, one task per package in set
  • One bug per package
  • One bug for everything
  • Process outside Launchpad, with one metabug to track progress

Test/Demo Plan

It's important that we are able to test new features, and demonstrate them to users. Use this section to describe a short plan that anybody can follow that demonstrates the feature is working. This can then be used during testing, and to show off after release. Please add an entry to for tracking test coverage.

This need not be added or completed until the specification is nearing beta.

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

UDS discussion

Current status

  • 99 packages which would need to move to main.
  • Java in main is currently driven by OpenOffice. Tomcat6 is there, but has few dependencies.


  • Eucalyptus version for Karmic should have fewer dependencies anyway from upstream refactoring.

How can the number of build/runtime dependencies be reduced?

  • Get rid of anything not necessary
    • Geronimo spec packages (already provided by glassfish-j2ee)
  • Move parts into Eucalyptus code
  • Refactor packages (e.g. hibernate pulls in a lot of stuff)
    • Requires multiple source packages or only to promote some resulting binaries to main.
      • (doko recommends duplicating the source package and documenting it)

What could be expected to be refused inclusion to main

  • Active upstream criteria
    • Annogen
    • OpenSAML
    • WSS4J?
  • Known to be insecure
    • Nothing obvious
  • Partial builds (because of non-free dependencies)
    • Mule
    • We don't really care

Size issues (adding to default CD)

  • GWT is 6MB of binary
    • 1.6 should be more granular and work with existing java packages more
  • JRuby is 3MB
    • Just be a build-time dependency of GWT
  • libjgroups-java, 3MB. Not needed ?
  • glassfish-toplink-essentials, 2.4MB, comes from hibernate
  • Avoiding JDK would save about 50MB of CD space
  • Avoiding GCJ would save about 20MB

Can we use the new Spring packaging from Debian?

  • Not included yet in Debian, but work is underway
  • Might make too hard choices for us ? Testing from Eucalyptus side needed.

Safety net

  • Keep a eucalyptus-javadeps package to drop in any problematic parts which can't be fixed (hibernate?).
    • One tiny part of Drools

Action Summary

  • Which Eucalyptus version we'll use in Karmic and its dependencies?
  • Can we use Spring from Debian?
  • What can we do to reduce Hibernate size?
    • Will it be acceptable to move JBoss to main?
  • JDK dependency investigation
  • Ask Colin about blacklisting for the server seed only to solve GCJ issue
  • Once it's known what is required, start preparing/filing MIRs to avoid a last minute panic.