The Ubuntu Feastivis Airing of Grievances

It is the time of year of Feastivis, and along with the feats of strength, there is also the airing of grievances. Unlike the Costanzas, I will actively endevour to fix each and every one.

  • Logging into Wiki first time UserPreferences screen broken (loops on "Password fields don't match", when there is only one password field). Bug #19843.

  • Installer mentions that I have a firewire interface, but I do not. Bug #18911.
  • The installer brings up a page saying "No network interfaces were found. The installation system was unable to find a network device. You may need to load a specific module for your network card, if you have one. For this go back to the network hardware detection step." There are two issues with this screen:
    • Scary red background, I have a modem, no network card. No mention of being able to set up modem later. (minor)
    • Not sure if it is at this stage or later during installation, but my sources file only contained the CDROM I installed from. It took me a little bit to realise that when the update manager was saying that I was up-to-date, I was infact, not.
  • Multiple dialog boxes during installation have duplicated buttons, such as "Leave" and "Go Back". (For example, the LVM configuration menu.)
  • BUG: Unbreakable menu loop in partitioning section. Steps (note: wording is incorrect as I am reading from hand-written notes taken during installation):

    1. Choose erase + LVM
    2. Configure LVM
    3. Yes
    4. Go Back
    5. Finish partitioning and write changes.
    You will be returned to the partitioning menu, even if you go back to main menu then back in to partitioning disks, finish doesn't work.
  • During several of my installations (all on the same hardware), I got a kernel selection option, containing the choices:
    1. linux-386
    2. linux-image-386
    3. linux-image-2.6.12-9-386
    What are the differences? Why am I being asked this? And why does the install bomb out when linux-386 fails to install? The install media is good, and when I am not given these choices the install goes fine. Also I am not sure what the trigger is to get this selection menu, maybe going back to the main menu and back into an installer section previously? Doesn't happen on installs where I "just hit enter". Tends to be when I am messing around.
  • My system is up-to-date? According to the applet/program, yes. In reality, it isn't. For some reason all networked apt sources are disabled, leaving only the install CD as a source. Mentioned above, but listed seperately for easier filing.
  • When I exited the preferences in synaptic after adding various repositories, I got an unable to get exclusive lock error. Nothing else was open.
  • After editing the preferences and unselecting the "show disabled sources" check in the synaptic preferences, the sources list will appear empty. Re-entering the sources list shows the items again. Only happens occasionally it seems?
  • Happens elsewhere, but common in the printer setup port drop-down list - first few items empty, list has scroll down arrow, when scrolled down the first items fill up the empty spots and menu looks as it should. Seems like a GTK bug?
  • Printer setup:
    1. Choose HP_NO_DEVICE_FOUND local port (why is this the default?)
    2. Set up printer
    3. Didn't work
    4. Tried to change printer port in properties, but changes lost each time I hit close.
      • This is the main issue.
  • When removing a printer, no warning about loosing pending print jobs.
  • Choosing the HPLIP drivers, choosing a printer, driver box empty default and contains two identical items (HPIJS)
  • Initially setting up the printer with the HPLIP drivers, then changing the drivers to the HP drivers (postscript) in properties results in a difference set of properties in "Advanced" compared to setting it up with the HP postscript drivers to begin with.
  • The networking app is completely broken as far as dial-up goes. Same can be said for the applet.
    1. I've had the settings lost continually.
    2. Not all serial ports are listed.
    3. Autodetect doesn't check all ports either (my modem is assigned ttyS14 by the kernel)
    4. Closing networking app kills connection.
    5. Rightclicking on modem applet->connect/disconnect doesn't work.

    6. Modem connects on bootup. Almost handy as using the networking app seems dangerous to my health.
  • Startup-notification on apps seems a bit funny, sometimes it doesn't recognise the app has loaded.
  • Getting lots of "Nov 20 20:00:24 localhost kernel: [4296085.305000] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e02a <keycode>' to make it known." in messages log, seems to be when I use arrow keys?

  • Bug-buddy seems to use an open file dialog box instead of a save for choosing where to save the report to (file).
  • perl /usr/share/setup-tool-backends/scripts/network-conf running all the time it seems, making little spikes on my CPU usage meter.


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