About me

Name: Evan Dandrea
Location: New Jersey, USA
Age: 24
Occupation: Software developer
Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~evand/

I've been using Free Software since 1998-99, starting with Redhat 5.2, enjoying a brief love affair with SuSE, and then running off with Debian in 2000. I abandoned Debian for Ubuntu immediately following the release of Warty.

In 2006 I was a Summer of Code participant, where I created migration-assistant, a d-i component to import users, documents, and settings from previous installations of Windows and Linux. This project was mentored by ColinWatson.

I joined Canonical in May of 2007 with a focus on Ubiquity, the desktop CD installer.

My work on Ubuntu

I am the co-maintainer of Ubiquity and the maintainer of migration-assistant and usb-creator.

More details on specific package modifications can be found on my Launchpad page.



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