The content in the "Examples" folder on the LiveCD of Ubuntu is getting outdated, as it has not changed for a few releases.


A "competition" will be run to design good pieces of example content for Ubuntu.

Submissions should focus on content that provides new users of Ubuntu a good first experience. For this reason, all the content should be well made and good quality. The content should show the morals and spirit of Ubuntu. For ideas, have a look at the current example content on the liveCD or a standard install. New and original content is welcome, especially content that shows off Ubuntus best features - for example an Openoffice presentation should use as many of the features of Openoffice as possible, while still keeping the presentation slick.


  1. As the total amount of space to be occupied by the example content shall not exceed 10MB, the size of each piece shall be as small as possible, and under 500kb - exceptions will be considered.
  2. All pieces of content shall be produced under ubuntu, or with software available under ubuntu, and saved in a file format that works on a standard ubuntu install (ie. no non-free codecs). UPDATE for clarity: The content should be made under ubuntu (any distro, extra programs allowed), but importantly, the file should be saved in a format that can be viewed with a standard ubuntu desktop installation - for example a graphic could be made in photoshop (under wine), but it would have to be saved as a .jpg file, because a standard ubuntu install isn't compatible with .psd.

  3. All content shall be licenced under a free licence (GPL compatible) so it can be distributed with ubuntu - if you make the work yourself, thats ok if you release it inder the GPL licence.
  4. Variety is required. There should be at least one file which can be opened in each of Ubuntus' major applications.
  5. Language neutral content is preferred.
  6. Only Content is allowed - programs should be submitted elsewhere.


  1. Any user with an account on this wiki may submit an entry. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Each entry shall be a single file uploaded to the wiki. Each submission should use the format of the example below, and the submitter should sign their username.
  2. Any user with an account on this wiki may put forward one vote, with a short comment. See the example submission below for clarification.
  3. When enough quality content has been submitted and voted on, the pieces of suitable content with the most support votes will be submitted to the Ubuntu development team for possible inclusion in Gutsy Gibbon or future Ubuntu releases.


Example - Ubuntu Sax







-- OliverMattos 2007-07-31 12:48:09


A nice brief sound file to play with Rhythmbox or Movie Player. Saved in the open standard ogg file format with the vorbis codec.




  • Support - Captures Ubuntus Origins, small file, high quality. - ExampleUser 2007-07-31 15:48:09

  • Oppose - The file is old and was used in old releases - we need something new. - OtherExampleUser 2007-07-31 16:48:09


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