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 * '''Contributors''': OliverGrawert  * '''Contributors''': OliverGrawert, MaxAlt


Intel wants to build a public knowledge base based on data from the hwdb, features need to be added and changes need to be made to the dataformat of hwdb-client


Use Cases


  • Changes in hwdb-client


  • The data format needs to be fixed to real xml with a dtd so converting the data to Intels format will be easier
  • A test for 3D cards needs to be added
  • A test for USB devices needs to be added
  • The sound test needs to be reworked to not just use the gnome_sound_play command but do real checks on the hardware level
  • lsmod and probably modinfo output should be added

See also the Topper documents and concepts behind in the attachment. The data object would be structured not as extensively as proposed by Topper. Also you may read the concept in "ideas for open source in corporations" on how to adopt open source philosophy for the H/W device support.

Need agreement on data objects saved in HW DB. New attributes discussed: license - Open Source vs proprietary driver; ACL if needed for data commiters. Will need to re-adjust Topper translation scripts for new Extended HW DB. The full requirements for device/features tests will be published soon after surveying the customers. The scope for features testing for Edgy is narrowed. As soon as full list will be published (next week) - Ubuntu team will choose the most important GUI interface for their testing, feasible to implement in Edgy. Use HAL interface of HW DB to determine software/hardware environment parameters, captured by the data object.

Intel is looking into host alternatives for the HW DB server and the Topper. In progress until end of July, when expect to start testing.

HW DB should have a manual input if there are device/features installation and configuraion issues and the system is not working properly. Conclude on: whether we should include simpler HW DB inquery in the installer. Debian has agreed on incorporating one for the Topper.




Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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