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 * Created: [[Date(2005-10-06T21:06:08Z)]] by JaneWeideman
 * Priority: NeedsPriority
 * People: NeedsLead, NeedsSecond
 * Contributors: JaneWeideman
 * Interested:
 * Status: UbzSpecification, BrainDump (then DraftSpecification then EditedSpecification then ApprovedSpecification), DistroSpecification, CommunitySpecification
 * Branch: UbuntuTrack
 * Malone bug:
 * Packages affected:
 * Depends:
 * Dependents:
 * BoF sessions: none yet
 * '''Launchpad Entry''': https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/extra-cds
 * '''Created''': [[Date(2005-10-27T20:59:34Z)]] by JaneWeideman
 * '''Contributors''': JaneWeideman
 * '''Packages affected''':


Extra Cds - Making additional CD images available for download/purchase with software from universe with each a certain theme, e.g. a programming utilities cd. Mainly important for those of us that are not so fortunate to have broadband internet, who at the moment have a very difficult job installing extra software.


Use cases





Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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