Advocacy, user support

  • Using and showing off Ubuntu since 4.10 Smile :)

  • I'm helping start the ColombianTeam

  • Using Ubuntu to demo Mozilla in local tradeshows
  • Donated several dozen CDs (both ship-it and self-produced) to carefully selected individuals and organizations (including recylced PCs being sent to Colombia)
  • Plan on presenting Ubuntu at local conferences, LUGs, tradeshows
  • I've contributed some entries to ubotu, the friendly IRC bot on #ubuntu
  • I help answer questions whenever I can (2-3 hours a weeks) on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-fr, #ubuntu-es
  • I use Ubuntu at home and on the road full-time (2 PCs, laptop)
  • I've installed Ubuntu (Hoary) to my 60 yr.-old parents in Colombia, 1 support call since Aug. 2005, often cited as use-case

  • Local liaison to several organizations (see below)

  • Joined the CanadianTeam (Oct. 2005)

  • Writing about Ubuntu in my blog since Apr. 2005


  • Contributed to ConferenceTopTips, DIYMarketing

  • Produced a spanish 1-pager to accompany CD-kits donated to spanish-speaking orgs/people, also available in french

  • Actively marketing and giving "Getting Started with Linux" training, based on Ubuntu

  • Joined the Marketing Team (Oct. 2005)
  • When I give talks or demos on Mozilla, OOo and other subjects (like security), I use Ubuntu on my desktop and give a short intro about it.
  • I am preparing upgrade instructions for Hoary CDs to help use those old CDs that are still around.
  • I bought the Ubuntu polo at Cafe Press and of course I carry around my laptop with the nice sticker I got at UBZ Smile :)

Documentation and Development support

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