• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bug!


Known issues:

  • The KDM login screen takes ages to start
  • qtparted is not embedded in the Ubiquity installer window
  • Desktop CD installer (ubiquity) can crash sometimes before partitioning - #78961

    • Workround: run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install ubiquity-frontend-kde to get fixed version, then start install again

  • K-Menu has some wrong entries:
    • two Settings entries
    • lots of KControl module shortcuts in Lost&Found

    • Utilities menu has /usr/share/apps/kdebluetooth/dunhandler/dunhandler entry


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  • When I open the "Storage Media" option from "System" applet, it opens Konqueror in the location, "/media", instead it would be nice if it opened the location "media:/".
  • Well I understand that KOffice would be faster. But it is definitely not the right replacement for It is not cross platform in the first place and does not properly support MS Office/ formats. So, if I have to prepare my docs and take print elsewhere on a Windows system, it would be impossile, except if I save it as PDF.'s dependency on Java should no more be a problem coz Sun has decided to release its Java technology under GPL. So please do not remove, just because KOffice uses kdelibs.

    • NOTE Nikoo, no worry, we wouldn't look at doing this until after the KOffice 2.0 release which will have support for everything OO.o and MSO has and then some. Of course if it isn't comparable when the time comes, then we will continue with OO.o.

  • As part of the Desktop Integration thrust of Feisty, should we expect improved integration with KDE applications and Windows Mobile 5 PDAs?
  • Issues I've posted for Herd1 still apply. Besides, I noticed an error line on tty2 that says bcm43xx microcode 5fw not loaded or (sthing with the fact that my wireless connection isn't loaded I think). Another comment : System settings still doesn't comprise a security section (the one of KDE, for example) : I think it's too bad -- Nikoo (January 15th 2007)
  • There are some issues with the new KDE Power Manager (guidance), namely it silently crashes if cpu-frequency-scaling module is not loaded.
  • Software Suspend 2 is a must for mobile computers -- without it, the Hibernate function using obsolete swsusp is useless. Would be nice to integrate it with suspend2ui_usplash, to get a graphical progress of suspend/resume
  • xine (thus amarok, kmplayer and possibly others) cannot play Ogg Vorbis streams with dynamically broadcasted track titles. On title change, the player disconnects and rebuffers the stream. This is a bug in xinelib, ogg123 plays fine. Example of such a stream: . It is really annoying, as I have to use command-line tools to listen to my favorite streams, as graphical players cannot play them :/

  • TODO: Remove dependency on xbase-clients; These programs are not used anymore, removing this dependency would "clean up" the system a bit Wink ;) -- WitWilinski2 2007-01-21 22:05:40

  • With the newest update to KDE 3.5.6 Konqueror crashes on exit -- -- WitWilinski2 2007-01-27 07:22:23

  • During instalation of Kubuntu 7.04 on the "Who am I" screen, if a capital letter is used in the login name a truncated error is shown "The" is all that is readable.
  • Please give the real reason for changing the password dialog. Usability can't be the reason because you won't gain any from that change. I think the real reason is to make KDE look more like gnome. Do you think people use kde because they want a qt based gnome or because they want KDE?
    • See blog post and blog post for explanation for why this was done. You sjhould know that this patch is in upstream KDE 3.5.6 so it will get in Kubuntu anyhow.

    • Still seems rather trivial, hardly something I'd bother calling a feature. -- PaulCarpenter 2007-01-17 08:28:29

  • When I launch my VM of Feisty I notice that Adept Update Notifier is active, so I launch Adept Updater and it prompts me that there is a new version available. I click on upgrade and both Adept Updater and the Upgrade Manager disappears -- JonathanJesse

  • The partitioning portion of the Ubiquity installer, in particular, the "manual" partitioning option, is not very intuitive. When this option is selected, a QTParted is opened. This works as expected, however, what to do next isn't entirely clear. Do I close the QTParted window? When I do, there is no feedback in ubiquity that tells me what to do next. Is it possible to nest the qtparted window into the ubiquity window, and have a "done making partition changes, continue with install" option?
  • Ubiquity hangs on install when trying to autodetect module ali......
  • I think that systemsettings should be completed with missing modules from KControl like Samba settings, new people (like me) doesn't know that there is a hidden KControl application with all that additional modules -- Christian134 2007-01-20 12:57:27

  • The InfoCenter doesn't show anything...It's just empty. -- WitoldKrakowski

    • Problem is fixed for me with recent KDE upgrades
  • Guidance systray monitor for KDE "eats" as much as 15% of memory on my 512MB machine. Killing it resolves performance problems -- -- WitWilinski2 2007-01-31 08:12:05

    • This is know problem with latest python-dbus - see bug 82313

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