• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bug!


Known issues:

  • Does not boot with Asus P4P800 board with built-in SATA controller. needs all three of these command line options: noapic nolapic irqpoll So press F6 at boot screen, append these options and boot

  • I use "Detailed List View" for konqueror as file browser but it does not save setting for 2nd opened tab -- Lor 2007-03-03 13:06:35

  • Herd5 won't boot on Dell Inspiron 6400, despite Herd4 is installed successfully -- GustavoNarea.

  • KnetworkManager still won't work correctly when trying to connect to a hidden Access Point. In fact, enabling the SSID broadcast solves the problem (except enabling SSID broadcast is a security risk). The problem is actually caused by wireless-tools version 28 that supports Wireless Extension up to version 20, but kubuntu kernel and wireless drivers are compiled with Wireless Extension v21, which will be completely supported only from the next wireless-tools. Since wireless-tools v29 is still in beta, I'd suggest to go back to Wireless Extension v20. (Uppdate: this is bug #91009) -- WitoldKrakowski

  • In the installation wizard, there's a page that says "How do you want to partition the disk?". When it is displayed, a popup dialog with a progress bar shows, which says that it's scanning the partitions. Then the popup disappears, and... nothing happens. And nothing seems to happen for a minute or half a minute, and only then the partitioning options are displayed. I think it's a bit confusing, because the user doesn't know if the installer is doing something or if something just went wrong. The progress bar should be displayed all the time until the options appear. -- JakubSuder

  • When a user locks his session, he gets a dialog to enter the password; but the password is empty and the dialog doesn't accept it. So if you are trapped this way, you have to switch to a text console, change the password using passwd, and then switch back to X and enter the new password. I don't think many users will be able to do this... (update: this is bug #43829) -- JakubSuder

  • When shutting down the live cd, suddenly the text console is displayed with such errors:

Unmounting temporary filesystems...
umount: /cow: not found
Deactivating swap...
Unmounting local filesystems...
umount2: device or resource busy
umount: /cdrom busy - remounted read-only
umount2: device or resource busy
umount: /rofs busy - remounted read-only
mount: function not implemented

Then a message "Please remove the disk....." appears, but when I press enter, nothing happens. I also can't open the cd tray by pushing the eject button on it. (update: reported as bug #90844) -- JakubSuder

  • The installer crashed once with the message described in bug #80290 and bug #78847 -- JakubSuder [update: seems to be fixed in beta]

  • I've installed it using the Spanish language (actually, Spanglish) but in the end, those packages that support the Spanish language are not installed. The whole system was in English after installation. I had to install them by hand. -- [GustavoNarea]

  • intel codre 2 duo macbook does not wake from suspend with 2.6.20-12 kernel but on 2.6.20-9 everything ok -- Lor 2007-03-19 22:00:16


  • Now let us get serious about this. How many of you would like a KDM theme manager (like "kdmtheme") to be integrated by default? Put down your opinions here. --Chandru
    • I think that is a great idea. Since a theme manager allows for ease of theme change - otherwise one has to manually change individual characteristics in a number of different places (although they are all in the same subcategory in the kde control panel). --Pat Primate
    • I was just trying to point out the issue of the K Menu Icon making the distro to look old and with no personality. Just have a look at FreeLinspire desktop screenshots at:

      Isn't it making a difference? With the theme manager you can do the same as when modifying the KDE settings, just maybe in an easy way, and anyway kdmtheme is in the repositories. But still most of the themes have the same or similar KDE icon on the K Menu. Why not opening a contest for the community to design the new K Menu icon? This way we can hear the opinion of the users. And opposed to Windows this would make the users to take part on the distro look, because at the end they are the ones using the distro and having to live with the way the distro desktop looks. -Kubunteando
      • Well, I'd just like to add that what you can achieve with kdmtheme can never be achieved with KDE settings. For example, the default kubuntu settings uses a KDM Theme not just KDE settings. Infact, any changes you make in KDE settings won't affect the theme. Even though, "kdmtheme" package is available in the repos, it does not appear in "System Settings" when I install it. So it does need integration by default. As far as K-Menu icon is concerned, I don't mind whatever it is, because it does not change how I can use K-Menu in any way.
  • The K Menu icon is too simple and small. It does not differ much in size from the other icons, making it confusing. Also it makes the distro to look old. It would be a good idea to find a more modern looking icon. I mean some bigger icon (mainly wider) in similar style to Linspire, MENPHIS...

It makes it much more attractive looking. This is a easy changes, but it will give also more "personality" to the distro.

  • As for me i don't like "windows style". Kbuntu "K" rocks! -- Lor 2007-03-03 13:06:35

  • I agree... Actually, I wouldn't mind a slightly less... well... "Blue" version of the icon Smile :) Maybe the kubuntu logo, instead of the KDE logo!

  • The current icon is ok, really. -- JakubSuder

  • I really like the polyester theme. Might I suggest adding reverse-gradients, with lighter button border and Animate Buttons enabled and manubar emphasis, without the menubar border Smile :) I also absolutely love the new zoom effect used with icons Smile :) its really cool - it adds some eyecandy without stressing the system or requiring 3D support!

    • Thanx for changing the default widget style. But you can change the style for default buttons and remove the color from scrollbal handles.
    • Yeah, the launch effect is nice indeed. -- JakubSuder

  • Hopefully I won't be flamed for this, but in keeping with removing program redundancy (when they removed the KDE media player since Amarok does the same thing) why don't they remove KIRC since Kopete can handle IRC chats? And I agree with the above posts about changing the default KDE button to the Kubuntu logo. They did it for Ubuntu using Gnome. Other than that, I'm pretty much liking the new features.--digimars
  • My girlfriend doesn't want to update her Edgy to Feisty ever when today she realized that the sleeping Konqi was gone from the shutdown dialog, even when I showed the cool new effect Smile :) --ToniHelenius

    • I too feel that there is no necessity to change the logout dialog. The KDE default is good enough. There is no need for Kubuntu to mimick Ubuntu (I don't mean Ubuntu is bad). --Chandru
    • I second that, the old dialog was nice, the new one is worse and it's slow... -- JakubSuder

    • FWIW, I don't second this opinion. IMHO the new logout dialog is much, much, much better than the old one. -- FranciscoBorges

    • I realy like too see the default KDE logout back, it's so plain and cold now, it's like Linux without Tux, so give Konqi (the Lizard) back, or give a way to make a choice by ourself. -- PatrickLeweldo

  • Great Job on Feisty - Kubuntu is a wonderful Distro Smile :) I don't know if this is the place for suggestions/requests but I would love to see Kubuntu come with an ftp client pre-installed (like kftpgrabber). Keep up the great work. --Pat Primate

    • Just type ftp://user:password@host/ into Konqueror. :password can be omitted as you'll be prompted if necessary, and if no user is specified, Konqueror will try logging in as "anonymous". --MarkRose

      • Thanks MarkRose, I never knew that Smile :) That's quite handy --Pat Primate

  • Annoying 'washed out' video playback problem with default settings in Kaffein/xine. Auto/xv video drivers settings in xine need to be manually changed to Xshm for video to be displayed correctly. It would be nice if this was set up correctly/automatically for Feisty Final --Pat Primate
  • I would publish in the web page clearly what are the "specifications" of Fiesty: what kernel, Xorg, ... versions.

People will be interested in knowing those before even thinking on testing it.

  • Although this is not necessarily a Kubuntu specific problem, It is still very frustrating that Konqueror cannot - by default - properly interact with a lot of javascript. I know that there we can change our 'identity' and pretend to be Firefox or IE6, but even that does not work sometimes, and it is annoying. The inability to properly utilize some websites due to this is the main reason I have to use a non-Konqueror browser from time to time (which is a shame, because Konq is such a well integrated browser for KDE). If nothing else, it would be nice to see some sort of 'automatic' attempt to aquire a working identity for a website (since a lot of users won't have the patience or the knowledge to do so) so that it works the first time that one tries to use it. (sorry, this is just my Konqueror pipedream that might be better suited for the KDE forums :P) --Pat Primate
    • Examples? It's extremely rare that I come across such a site. --MarkRose

      • The 2 examples I came across lately are (my university) the little search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In Konqueror It just doesn't work (even with identity changing) but it will work with firefox. And another example is the research article database EBSCOhost (I can't give the url since it requires a proxy from my school and a username/password to access) in which I can't can't browse past the first page of results Sad :( - but at least the identity changing works here. What should I do with this info? Thanks for your help MarkRose --Pat Primate


  • Still using LiveCD Desktop on my ASUS laptop : same issues as I've posted for Herd1, 2, and 3 and besides, this time, there's no "Install" icon on the desktop Nikoo March 4th 2007.
  • Facing problems with Panasonic CF-18 with touchscreen (&synapics touchpad). From kernel upgrade (to 2.6.17/6.10 kubuntu) came a bug with touchpad and touchscreen integration which is not working. This feature is still present on test release 5 of kubuntu and makes touchpad totally unusable. It relates to Fujitsu Siemens touch screen driver which does not work correctly on this Panasonic CF-18? ppafin (5.3.2007)

  • Very nice. I like the new animation when starting an app. It will also look a lot nicer when SVGs are used. Related to this: are there any plans to create a Kubuntu equivalent to Ubuntu's "Desktop Effects"? It would be nice to enable everything with one click, instead of editing config files and what not. On the K-menu, I don't think that using the Kubuntu-logo would be better. Firstly the KDE-button looks very nice and it clearly differs from app-buttons, which usually are round. Secondly it's also easily clickable, so please don't stretch the icon like kbfx does. It simply takes away screen real estate. Thirdly there's the problem of Vista also having an Orb now, so the Kubuntu-logo would somehow look like a ripoff. We don't need that, since we already have a well working and nice looking solution. --Sokraates
  • Can't upgrade from Herd 4, The "Enter debconf nice value" problem is back, this time it looks like the xserver packages are the problem. I did report this as a bug about a month ago when it was the kernel packages. Like many/most of my bug reports it was immediately marked a duplicate of a closed issue, yet oddly even with the latest code I still see the problem ;-). When I checked launchpad this morning others had tried to submit this, but same ol thing, the tickets were marked duplicates of something from September that seems unrelated and was closed.
    • Can You please be more specific about the bug report you think is wrongly marked as a duplicate of a close issue, so maybe one can look into it? Also, please note that You can't upgrade from Herd 4, because Herd 4 has a problem with adept / debconf. Try a clean Herd 5 install and come back with results. I updated my fresh Herd 5 install with no problems whatsoever. -- WitoldKrakowski

    • See bug #68267

  • For folks wanting the Kubuntu icon instead of the 2 icon for the KMenu, I've uploaded an icon-ized version of the Kubuntu logo up at Ubuntu Forums if you want to try it out: I hope it's not too late to considering using the icon as a replacement for the KDE icon; I mean, the foot icon in GNOME was replaced with the Ubuntu icon, why can't the same be done for Kubuntu? -- NaelMasood 2007-03-06 19:37:09

  • Problem with amd64 version: is no longer in universe repository, so there is no 32-bit library. This library is required to run Skype and some other 32-bit programs. -- Orkanspec 2007-03-07 09:23:55

  • Laptop Toshiba Satellite A10 S403 - LiveCD boot seems slow. Installation program (icon "install") fails to load. A window frame appears, the cd reader tryes to load something but nevers ends (I've waited for one hour). However the cd-rom md5sum is OK, and the same laptop installs an Edgy without any problem.-- SergeHartmann2 2007-03-08 10:46:41

  • I like Feisty, I consider this test release a good work, there are many impressive changes. Installing was trouble-free, I liked the partitioner. This way I will take the "risk" of installing from a Dekstop CD which was not what I've been doing till now. (I installed on a Gigabyte w511u laptop)

The Windows Applications icon (install Wine) doesn't work for me in System Settings. (Command 'software-properties --enable-component=universe && adept_batch install wine' not found.) I miss Language Selector under System menu a bit, however it's really better to simplify things and have everything organized in System Settings. Unfortunately I can't save my session so that 915resolution settings I have configured would be remembered. In Edgy I restart kdm after "patching" with 915resolution and then I save the session. After each restart the resolution is correct then. In Feisty there is 1024x768 again after each restart, Feisty simply forgets about resolution. To tell frankly I don't know how to configure an Adsl connection with username and passwd through Knetworkmanager... I use pppoeconf for this purpose. In case a new user tries to configure e. g. an Adsl connection with Knetworkmanager he/she will be stuck, because the right-click menu of the tray-icon has only a "get help online" option. There should be an offline help menu item too. I'd replace kdewallet with kde-pwmanager. (which has built-in kdewallet emulation but a much better interface). After I enlarge fonts in Konqueror it changes back when loading the next page (when browsing for example). This is quite annoying, though may not be a Feisty issue. The Flash installer is nice and Apport crash handler makes a good job, though I don't really understand why it opens a web-browser window after sending the error report. Anyhow it is a good service I guess. After installing a language (Hungarian in my case), the following page becomes the startpage of Firefox, but "cannot be found" (I have to state this is not a new problem, I think previous releases already had this): file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/locales/index-hu_HU.html There also may be a Java (or Flash) character encoding issue, only in Konqueror: (I found it when browsing this page, it is in the left column: When shutting down or restarting the system, I would prefer that after it turned black/white and grew dark, then it would have a complete blackout after choosing the preferred alternative (shutdown, restart, etc.). Now a coloured and full lighted desktop comes back for a moment. I had a strange phenomenon. After using the system for some time it completely freezes, I can't use the mouse, I can't use the keyboard, the screen becomes moveless, only the power off button can help at that time. Last time I was browsing in Firefox and nothing else was opened. But another time Firefox wasn't opened and the same thing happened. I never know when it happens (it comes unexpectedly) and I cannot repeat it. Well, I hope I could send a good feedback... Keep this quality work in the future, and good luck for the release! Smile :-) -- BalazsMagyari 2007-03-08 21:33:09

  • I love this distro. I was using XP then Vista, but after my machine either kept crashing with XP, and Vista - well - lets not go there - needless to say - I wont be going back to a Microsoft platform again!

I am a Dot Net Developer who is keenly following the implementation of Mono and MonoDevelop in this release. So far its very promising, and I am able to run my 2.0 apps in mono and apache. I'm looking to move all my development over to Kubuntu on Mono, so am keen to see this platform thrive as a development platform as well. I think if you make sure that you have the latest stable versions of the MonoDevelop project and mono framework, you will get a lot of developers who will make the change to Linux and ditch Windows. Keep up the good work guys - from what I have seen so far, and what I have been able to use so far - your doing a fantastic job. -- Rod Lane (Roddles)

  • KMail does not install a menu entry - seems the .desktop file is missing
    • It doesn't appear in the menu because it's configured not to appear (NoDisplay=true). By the way, I believe this should be changed - I don't like Kontact and I want to be able to run just Kmail, which is not easy even when Kontact is uninstalled. The same thing with Kwrite - it's not shown in menu because Kate is officially preferred, and I think users should be able to run either Kwrite or Kate, depending on which one they prefer. -- JakubSuder

      • Checked, the icon with NoDisplay=true is Kmail-view icon for Kontact, separate kmail desktop file is still missing.

  • Icon for mirrormagic game is also missing (is this page a good place to report missing icons?, BTW)

i'm using feisty herd5 (up to date) and i have two problems: i suspend (to ram) my laptop in the evening with a PS2-keyboard connetcted and wake it up in the morning, and the keyboard won't work as long as i don't reconnect it. The other problem is: my ipw2100 doesn't work after a suspend either. Knetworkmanager / iwconfig / kismet don't show any available networks. After a reboot everything is fine. -- Knusperfrosch 2007-03-17 09:35:07

  • Try putting "ipw2100" into the "modules" line in /etc/default/acpi-support, which will cause the module to be reloaded. I had to do this with ipw3945 to allow it to reconnect after a resume. -- Ltmon

    • Yes, ipw2100 in the modules line worked for me. Should be a default setting? so the keyboard problem is left, or is there a module that should be reloaded too? -- Knusperfrosch 2007-03-18 00:47:39

slow hard disk performance?

I got the impression that feisty at some point in the past up started to perform really slow in regards of file transactions (copying multiple or huge files). Measuring shows an average of 7MB/s which seems to me really slow. Maybe it is just subjective and I neither can prove it nor say what's the reason, hdparm gives me 1100MB/s on cache reads and 28MB/s on disk reads. The matter is still existant in Herd5. Anyone, with me? --katakombi

  • Might be a kernel issue. I use a self-compiled kernel from vanilla tree (Intel ICH5 chipset); everything working fine here. Maybe Feisty's kernel lacks driver for Your IDE chipset, therefore uses the universal (=slow) one ?

There is a problem with the Dejavu Condensed fonts in KDE. see this bug: -- stivani

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