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 * 12th - 18th April Interviews with journalists (Call schedule being arranged come back here for details on calls
 * 16th April - Press pack forcommunity teams and accredited journalists.
 * 12th - 18th April Interviews with journalists (Call schedule being arranged. Come back here for details on calls.)
 * 16th April - Press pack for community teams and accredited journalists.

Feisty Fawn is the code name for Ubuntu 7.04, the next Ubuntu release, scheduled for release on 19 April 2007. See the [:FeistyReleaseSchedule] .


The following outlines planned communications around the launch of Ubuntu 7.04. The aim of this page is to coordinate work done by community teams and Canonical globally.


The following materials will be prepared for the launch. They will be available in OpenDocument (.odt) and .pdf formats

  • Press release
  • Press pack - Information about Ubuntu 7.04, the Ubuntu project and case studies
  • Features and benefits overview

Press release

Embargo information: The press release will be embargoed until 15:00 UTC on the 19th April

  • 11th April - Canonical draft press release draft complete and available for translation by loco teams
  • 12th - 18th April Interviews with journalists (Call schedule being arranged. Come back here for details on calls.)
  • 16th April - Press pack for community teams and accredited journalists.
  • 19th - Ubuntu 7.04 is released and embargo is lifted

How can you help?

The growth of Ubuntu and Open source software in general is an great story that many journalists and readers are simply not aware of. As well as Beta testing, translating Ubuntu in Launchpad and supporting other Ubuntu users you can contribute to the Ubuntu project by contacting the press in your country about your experience with Ubuntu and engaging them in covering launch of Ubuntu 7.04.


a) Identify two or three mainstream journalists in your country, state, town who have written about technology before and contact them by phone and or email about the launch.

b) Share with them the press pack and either do the briefing yourself or invite them to join one of the press briefings. For them to get access to the calls organised by Canonical, a journalist should request to join the calls by email to pr@canonical.com with their details and who they write for. Calls will be in English.

Ubuntu 7.04 overview

Ubuntu 7.04 Features and benefits overview - Page needs to be created based on the Beta release notes

Launch parties

Launch parties are being organised by community teams all around - join one or add another! see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeistyReleaseParties


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