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Plan preparation, testing and deployment of the feisty+1 toolchain. The procedures as handled for the feisty toolchain can be improved.


Have a tested toolchain for feisty+1 available at the time the archives for feisty+1 open.


  • Upstream versions. Target the following upstream versions for feisty+1:
    • glibc-2.6, release schedule is based on the FC release schedule; 2.6 is expected to be released in April 2007.
    • gcc-4.2, release schedule not yet known; targeted around nine months after the 4.1 release, which was in February 2006.
    • binutils CVS (FSF trunk), probably updated towards an 2.18 release.
  • New/changed features:
    • Keep -fstack-protector enabled by default for C, C++, ObjC, ObjC++; evaluate enabling it as the default for the other GCC frontends as well. Revisit the problematic packages mentioned in GccSsp.

      • Consider implying -fno-stack-protector for -nostdlib, since it can't possibly work. This may solve a number of cases in GccSsp -JeffBailey

    • Enable Read-Only Appropriate Sections globally (see separate spec MemoryProtection).

    • PIE support (see separate spec MemoryProtection).

  • Integration:
    • Create feisty-experimental (dak based) in December
    • Upload the toolchain packages to feisty-experimental
    • Create and maintain f-e chroots on the developer machines
  • Testing
    • Do regular rebuild tests of feisty; should be done after each of the FeistyReleaseSchedule rebuild tests to compare the same set of packages (built with the feisty toolchain, and built with the experimental toolchain).

    • Keep the packages built in a separate archive/machine for testing.
    • Build CDs based on this archive.
  • Setup environments for regression hunts in the data center for each supported architecture.
    • Mirror the gcc svn repository on rookery
    • Create chroots for the regression hunter on each architecture
    • Setup the testing scripts
  • Demote gcc-3.4 from main; requires dropping g77 from main, using gfortran to satisfy build-dependencies in main (fftw3, lapack3, python-numarray, python-numeric, refblas3) or using packages which can be built using gfortran. Apparently this may require an ABI change.

Unresolved issues

  • Availability of test buildd's for architectures other than amd64/i386.


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