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 * '''Launchpad entry''': none yet  * '''Launchpad entry''': https://blueprints.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/feisty-toolchain

Please check the status of this specification in Launchpad before editing it. If it is Approved, contact the Assignee or another knowledgeable person before making changes.


Define features and versions to use in feisty, demoting/removing old compiler versions; use the upstream versions which are available now.


  • glibc: 2.5, as available in feisty, using DT_GNU_HASH support.
  • binutils-, as available in feisty, using DT_GNU_HASH support.
  • gcc: 4.1, as available in feisty; upgrade to the 4.1.2 release or the 4.1.2 branch until UVF.
    • C++: backport the C++ visibility changes to 4.1; needs changes in packages to use this feature (i.e. KDE).
  • gcj: Decide before UVF about gcj-4.2 or gcj-4.1, depending on the upstream 4.2 release date. If 4.2 is released/in prerelease state, the java packages and libgcc[14] will be built from the gcj-4.2 sources.
  • Change the long double data type on sparc and powerpc from 64bit to 128bit, essential for glibc-2.4
    • Requires rebuild of packages exposing "long double" in the API of the package (Ldbl128Main, Ldbl128Universe); we don't require renaming of the library packages, only supporting dist-upgrades from edgy to feisty.

    • Requires rebuild of packages using the changed ABI.
  • Demote gcc-3.4 from main; requires dropping g77 from main, using gfortran to satisfy build-dependencies in main (fftw3, lapack3, python-numarray, python-numeric, refblas3) or using packages which can be built using gfortran.

BoF agenda and discussion


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