Hi, I am Felipe Lerena, a 26 years old software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a proud member of The "Argentina LoCo Team", a team that is just starting but with a great future ahead, we are arround 110 in launchpad right now and have the most active of all the LoCo forums.
I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary, and I have been getting more involved in the comunity with the time, right now I use 95% of my spare time helping in whatever I can in the comunity.

Email: <felipelerena AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
My personal homepage (in spanish) is http://www.felipelerena.com.ar
you can also find me around in #ubuntu-ar and #ubuntu-marketing at freenode as Lipe_

I'm Working on

  • Starting with the development of MarketingTeam/iheartubuntu
  • As one of the main developers in MarketingTeam/UbuntuStats (www.ubuntustats.com)- Trying to spread the word showing how fast everything is moving

  • Maintainig some functionalities in MarketingTeam/UbuntuStats

  • Argentina LoCo team: giving support for new users in spanish, and helping create and stablish the Team. I have also beign assigned as the person in charge of orginizing the special activities such as conferences, trips, etc.

  • Working in different events trying to get free software to regular people

  • Helping in some translations to spanish (as much as my schedule allows me) in the spanish translation team, we have passed french as the most translated language

What I've done

  • helped to organize a "gutsy translation sprint" wich wass quite successfull, we translated almost 2500 strings, witch were arround 10% of the remaining.
  • Helped in FLISOL (the biggest install fest in Latin America)
  • Went to conferences along the country with my Ubuntu banner and put stands there with the ubuntu-ar guys to spread the word and meet great new people.
  • Convinced lots of people (20 of them in my company) and a couple of other small companies to migrate to Ubuntu and free software.
  • I gave a free 4 hours linux course for people that want to learn about Ubuntu and I'm planning to do that again.

I would like to

  • Keep spending my free time trying to share my passion for Ubuntu and free software with everyone.

  • Try to make the public administration in Argentina to migrate to free software. (that's a hard one, I know)

  • Meet new people as free and open-minded as me.

  • Help fixing more bugs.

In my spare time

  • Read some stuff.

  • Go out with my friends to have some drinks.

  • Go to the movies.

  • That's it, I don't have THAT much time.

I'm allways looking for something else to help with, so if you have same stuff I can do, or a nice project to ask me to help, I'll be glad.


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