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About Me

Name: Felix Geyer

IRC: debfx

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Launchpad Profile: https://launchpad.net/~debfx

Kubuntu Council 2012 Update

I'm a Kubuntu developer and have been contributing to Kubuntu for more than two years mainly by packaging KDE, Qt and related software.

I'm also working on reducing the difference to our upstream Debian and I am an occasional KDE contributor (mainly bugfixes).



My primary contributions have been the work on the Firefox KDE integration, creating the display brightness OSD patch and some KDE bug fixing at the end of the Lucid cycle.


  • I wrote the display brightness OSD patch after buying a laptop in November 2009. It got into the karmic kdebase-workspace package and I adapted it for the Lucid package later. Shortly before feature freeze I managed to get the patch upstream in KDE 4.5.
  • Packaging work for porting the openSUSE Firefox KDE integration to Kubuntu and a few bugfixes which have gotten accepted upstream lately.
  • Towards the end of the Lucid cycle I did some KDE bug fixing. For example PowerDevil always suspending twice and the screen resolution change dialog not defaulting to revert.

  • More recently I fixed quite a few packages that failed to build as kdelibs5-dev no longer depends on cmake.

Future Plans

I'd like to get more involved into Kubuntu packaging and recently joined the Debian pkg-kde team to be able to work on those packages directly in Debian so we can just sync most packages.