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About Me

i'm a 28 year old student living in Dundee, Scotland. I'm heavily involved in the local linux user community, and active president of The University of Abertay Dundee Linux Society

Why I Like Ubuntu

I like Ubuntu for it's ease of use, and the support community behind it. It enables me to use new Linux technologies and features, whilst still maintaining a absolute minimum of Propritary software. I also like being able to recommend Ubuntu to new users as i know the learning curve for running Ubuntu is not too steep

Stuff I've been working on

I tend to work on a lot of different things, mostly security focused if i'm honest. I've done a few segments on podcasts which i've enjoyed. Here are links to some of my howto guides

The Sites, Shows, and People that make it Look easy

Here i thought that i would list the web sites, and podcasts that give me some sort of inspiration when writing my own stuff, and places i go to find out tips and tricks.

This is my local user group web site, but it tries to cater for everyone.

This is one of my favorite podcasts, and i've featured in a coupld of episodes. Very laid back and just a fun time to be had by all, handy user articles section on the site too.

The show has now finished however all the episodes are left up there for people to use. I'm always recommending this to anyone discovering Linux for the first time

Nice of the wall wacky podcast, nice way to distract your self for a little while.

Just one of the best howto ubuntu sites i've ever seen, five gold finux stars for this site

Very nice ubuntu howto site as well

Ubuntu Teams I'm a member of

CafeUbuntu Community Team

Scottish Linux Users Group

Ubuntu UK

Ubuntu Hardened

Future ideas for mini projects

Working on a SELinux Podcast for Hacker Public Radio (on-going)

Working on a AppArmor Podcast for Hacker Public Radio (not started yet)

Working on a Weakness WEP guide (just started ETA little while yet)

Organizing a Software Freedom Day - 20th Sept 2008 -

Other stuff

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