Ubuntu specific Firefox search engines should be included with the new releases.


  • Connect users to the ubuntu community via quick search function (e.g. Firefox connects its users to Google with the Google engine -Ubuntu should do similar)
  • Let users get help in a much efficient and quicker way.

Use cases

  • Before: towsonu2003 cannot get his p990i cell phone connected to Ubuntu. He now has to search a bunch of places one by one...

  • After: towsonu2003 cannot get his p990i cell phone connected to Ubuntu. He types "990i" in the search engine box, selects each ubuntu-related search engine one by one and finds quickly that this is a bug that will be fixed in Feisty (I don't have a 990i, which further demonstrates the power of this spec -I have some of the engines listed below installed).


The feature asks to write and include the following search engines:

  • Package search for that specific release
  • Bug search
  • Spec search
  • Ubuntu forum search
  • Ubuntu wiki search
  • Ubuntu search
  • Costumized Google Search "Google for Ubuntu" [see discussion below]
  • Localized search (example: Joe installs Turkish Ubuntu, he gets ubuntu-tr forum search engine as well as all listed above)


Outstanding issues


See for Search Engines to get an Idea how to write the engines

Customized Google Engine

Google lets you create customised search engines at Maybe we could create a search engine that covers all sites with Ubuntu specific information. -MalcolmParsons2

  • Added to the above list -thanks -towsonu2003

Existing Google Co-op Search Engines for Ubuntu Sites

Firefox already ships with /usr/share/firefox/searchplugins/debsearch.src, which searches for packages in the current release. -MalcolmParsons2

Localised search engines could be added to the mozilla-firefox-locale-* packages. -MalcolmParsons2

Indeed. Currently, mozilla-firefox ships with search plugins like wikipedia - to make them fully usable in a localized environment, they should be locale-sensitive instead of defaulting to using English sites. -KristianRink



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