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Firmware Test Suite - acpiinfo test

This test checks the output of the kernel ACPI driver against common error messages that indicate a bad interaction with the bios, including those that point at AML syntax errors. The test will read the current kernel message log and parse this for any known kernel error messages, but one can also specify a kernel log file to parse if necessary using the -k or --klog flags. The test does some very simple kernel log checks for known bugs and for the more obscure issues will give some advice on how to fix or workaround problems.


fwts acpiinfo -

..runs the test on your machine and dumps the output to stdout.

fwts acpiinfo --klog=/var/log/dmesg -

..runs the test using /var/log/dmesg as the input and dumps the test results to stdout.

fwts acpiinfo -k savedkernelmessages.log

..runs the test using kernel messages from savedkernelmessages.log and appends the results to results.log