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Firmware Test Suite - hda_audio test

HDA audio pin configurations are set by firmware and normally this is sufficient for audio setup (automatic probing). However sometimes the default configuration is not correct and requires a HDA audio quirk to override the defaults. This test compares the default firmware HDA audio configuration against that currently set by the driver. Any differences will indicate that the driver had to work around a broken firmware HDA configuration.

Example output from the test:

00014 hda_audio       Check HDA Audio Pin Configs.
00015 hda_audio       -----------------------------------------------------------
00016 hda_audio       Test 1 of 1: Check HDA Audio Pin Configs.
00017 hda_audio       Checking 'hwC0D0':
00018 hda_audio       Vendor Name    : Realtek
00019 hda_audio       Vendor ID      : 0x10ec0862
00020 hda_audio       Subsystem ID   : 0x17aa3867
00021 hda_audio       Revision ID    : 0x100001
00022 hda_audio       BIOS pin configurations:
00023 hda_audio         Pin  Setting
00024 hda_audio         0x0014 0x99130110
00025 hda_audio         0x0015 0x411111f0
00026 hda_audio         0x0016 0x411111f0
00027 hda_audio         0x0017 0x411111f0
00028 hda_audio         0x0018 0x03a19820
00029 hda_audio         0x0019 0x99a3012f
00030 hda_audio         0x001a 0x411111f0
00031 hda_audio         0x001b 0x0321401f
00032 hda_audio         0x001c 0x411111f0
00033 hda_audio         0x001d 0x40178e2d
00034 hda_audio         0x001e 0x411111f0
00035 hda_audio       PASSED: Test 1, Default BIOS pin configurations did not have
00036 hda_audio       software override.


fwts hda_audio - 

..runs the test on your machine and dumps the output to stdout.