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..runs the uefivarinfo on your machine and gets the output to stdout. ..runs the uefivarinfo on your machine and writes the output to stdout.

Firmware Test Suite - uefivarinfo utility

This utility gets the NV storage and variable information by UEFI runtime service. It gets the maximum storage, remaining storage, maximum variable size and the currently used information. Typical output is as follows:

uefivarinfo: UEFI variable info query.
Test 1 of 1: UEFI variable info query.
UEFI NVRAM storage:
  Maximum storage:         130972 bytes
  Remaining storage:       118992 bytes
  Maximum variable size:    65476 bytes
Currently used:
  37 variables, storage used: 3364 bytes

Note: the currently used variables are the variables from the attribute (EFI_VARIABLE_NON_VOLATILE | EFI_VARIABLE_BOOTSERVICE_ACCESS | EFI_VARIABLE_RUNTIME_ACCESS) storage region.


sudo fwts uefivarinfo - 

..runs the uefivarinfo on your machine and writes the output to stdout.

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