New Features

  • acpi: method: add check for _PSD
  • acpi: method: add check for _PRW

Fixed Bugs

  • Patches for reduce scope of variables and fix some minor style warnings
  • live-image/fwts-frontend-text: skip moving and avoid overwritting
    • results.html (LP: #1322520)
  • uefibootpath: include the null-terminated space in device path length (LP: #1413053)
  • makefile.am : Use sysroot path for json

Known Issues

  • build fail on lucid

Detailed Changelog

Please check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts-15.01.00-0ubuntu0.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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