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= Known Issues =

The following significant changes should be noted:

  • --uefi and --acpi options renamed to --uefitests and --acpitests
  • ACPI table tests in the acpitables test have been moved into specific ACPI tests.

New Features

  • acpi: acpidump: update TCPA table and acpidump accordingly
  • acpi: add ACPI TCPA test
  • acpi: add XENV table test
  • lib: fwts_framework: Append "tests" to --uefi and --acpi
  • live-image/fwts-frontend-text: update to --uefitests and --acpitests
  • lib: acpi, acpidump: rename slit tables types
  • lib: acpi: add in new GICC table fwts_acpi_table_gicc_affinity
  • acpi: add SRAT table sanity checking (LP: #1464658)
  • acpi: add BERT table sanity checking (LP: #1464712)
  • lib: acpi: Add in GAS address types
  • acpi: add ECDT table sanity checking (LP: #1464716)
  • lib: acpi: Add support for the SPMI table
  • acpi: add ACPI SPMI table sanity checking (LP: #1465256)
  • acpi: add ACPI SLIT table sanity checking (LP: #1465276)
  • lib: acpi: Add support for the HEST family of ACPI tables
  • acpi: add ACPI HEST table sanity checking (LP: #1465379)
  • acpi: Add BOOT table test (LP: #1465435)
  • acpi: Add DBGP table test (LP: #1465441)
  • acpi: Add DBG2 table test (LP: #1465710)
  • acpi: re-orgainise HPET tests
  • acpi: move MADT test from acpitables into new MADT test
  • acpi: move GTDT test from acpitables into new GTDT test
  • acpi: move XSDT test from acpitables into new XSDT test
  • acpi: move RSDP test from acpitables into new RSDP test
  • acpi: move RSDT test from acpitables into new RSDT test
  • acpi: acpitables: remove no-op MCFG test
  • acpi: move SBST test from acpitables into new SBST test
  • acpi: move FADT test from acpitables into existing FADT test
  • acpi: acpitables: remove redundant acpi table checking
  • acpi: allow various ACPI table tests to run without root access
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: fully pad out fixed up ACPI OEM IDs
  • acpi: spcr: add missing white space in error messages
  • acpi: add ACPI ERST test (LP: #1467835)
  • acpi: correct ACPI BGRT table type
  • acpi: add ACPI BGRT test (LP: #1467863)
  • acpi: add ACPI CPEP test (LP: #1467870)
  • acpi: add ACPI FACS test (LP: #1467966)
  • acpi: acpidump: add in missing exponent field to SLIC
  • acpi: add CSRT ACPI Table test (LP: #1470116)
  • acpi: add LPIT ACPI test (LP: #1470184)
  • acpi: add WAET ACPI table test (LP: #1470495)
  • acpi: add SLIC table test (LP: #1470518)
  • acpi: add MSDM table test (LP: #1470538)
  • acpi: add UEFI ACPI data table test (LP: #1471698)
  • bios: os2gap: remove ancient legacy test (LP: #1470573)

Fixed Bugs

  • acpi: acpidump: update SMM Communication fields on UEFI table
  • lib: make acpidump parser more robust (LP: #1471202)
  • fwts: cpufreq: fix theoretical division by zero (LP: #1466905)
  • acpi: method: remove extraneous "_" in error message
  • lib: fwts_klog: fix vector size and handle errors from pcre_exec (LP: #1461520)
  • acpi: lib: fwts_acpi_tables: force fixup when loading tables from /sys/firmware
  • lib: acpica: compiler: link in missing objects (LP: #1461936)

Detailed Changelog

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