New Features

  • acpi: add MSCT table sanity check
  • acpi: add EINJ table sanity check
  • ACPICA: Update to version 20160318 (LP: #1559312)
  • Introduce olog scan, to check OPAL msglog.
  • Introduce IPMI BMC Info
  • devicetree: add infrastructure for device-tree tests
  • devicetree/dt_sysinfo: Add device tree system information tests
  • devicetree/dt_base: Add base device-tree validity checks

Fixed Bugs

  • cpufreq: skip frequency performance test if cpufreq_settable is false
  • cpufreq: skip frequency claimed maximum test with intel_pstate
  • Add .gitignore
  • Add cppcheck static analysis checking script
  • uefi: uefirtauthvar: capitalize macro getvar_buf_size
  • cpufreq: make stat failure message a little more human friendly
  • acpi: einj, msct: only build in these tests on ACPI enabled systems
  • hpet: warn if HPET Device address not found in DSDT/SSDT
  • kernelscan: speed up parser using hash lookup, add more print funcs
  • kernelscan: remove need to pre-process with a CPP phase
  • kernelscan.sh: remove -E and -P phases to parsing
  • uefidump: dump the optional data for load option on boot device
  • uefidump: dump the optional data for load option on driver device
  • uefidump: add checking the resonable path list length for load option
  • pipeio: Add fwts_pipe_open_rw
  • pipeio: Add fwts_pipe_readwrite
  • pipeio: Add fwts_pipe_close2 to cleanup from fwts_open_pipe_rw.
  • acpi: spcr: add missing debug port types (LP: #1578433)
  • debian/control: add libfdt-dev and device-tree-compiler
  • configure.ac: update email address, use fwts-devel instead
  • fwts: manual: update date, add new contributor, add dtc to SEE ALSO
  • fwts: manual: ommitted Paul Menzel from the contributions list
  • lib: fwts_args: handle cases to set optarg_handler for long options.
  • acpi: dbg2: fix incorrect address size check with GAS struct
  • data: klog.json: Fix typo in docking label text
  • acpi: gtdt: fix buffer overrun comparison
  • acpi: gtdt: fix buffer overrun comparison (for SBSA)
  • acpi: bert: fix format specifiers for boot error region
  • lib: fwts_olog: minor fwts coding style reformatting
  • lib: fwts_olog: fix fclose on already closed files.
  • lib: fwts_olog: fix memory leak on buffer on error exit path
  • lib: fwts_olog: ensure buffer is '\0' terminated per read, minor cleanups
  • lib: fwts_olog: avoid TOCTOU race on stat and fopen
  • Revert "acpi: tpm2: add check for zero control area address (LP: #1506442)"
  • apic: apicedge: fix parsing of /proc/interrupts (LP: #1575783)
  • lib: fwts_pipeio: set *list to NULL on fwts_pipe_read error
  • cpu: msr: do not check SYSENTER_* MSRs (LP: #1582005)
  • fwts: lib: clean up static analysis warnings
  • uefidump: clean up the unnecessary period
  • pipeio: fix fwts_pipe_read return value when child produces no output
  • pipeio: Fix error handling in fwts_pipe_exec
  • pipeio: Rename fwts_pipe_open to fwts_pipe_open_ro, add fd as output argument
  • pci/aspm: Fix grammar in ASPM advice (LP: #1581988)
  • bios: mtrr: fix cache type corner case at start of mtrr range
  • bios: mtrr: fix cache type corner case at end of mtrr range
  • bios: mtrr: redefine the end point of memory ranges

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_16.05.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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