New Features

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20170531
  • olog: olog.json: Update OPAL skiboot errors to check on olog scan
  • bios: mtrr: print out actual default type of MTRR

Fixed Bugs

  • lib: fwts_alloc: only parse mem info once we have a valid line read in
  • lib: fwts_safe_mem: add SIGBUS handling
  • lib: fwts_alloc: re-work the memory parsing again
  • acpi: method use correct format specifier for uint32_t type
  • bios: mtrr: fix compile error in ubuntu trusty
  • opal: fix tests dependency on libfdt
  • bios: mtrr: fix overlaped MTRR (LP: #1694710)

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_17.06.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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