New Features

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20190509
  • ACPICA: Update to version 20190405
  • ACPICA: Update to version 20190329
  • Add support for Hygon Dhyana CPU

Fixed Bugs

  • auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: remove trusty
  • dmicheck: update supported SMBIOS version
  • acpi/method: check full and battery power if acpi_video0 exists
  • dmicheck: checks type length vs. SMBIOS versions
  • dmicheck: add Type 1's Field 25 & 26 as used by kernel

  • apic: apicedge: fix typo in error messages
  • cpufreq: change from abort to skip when cpufreq cannot run
  • kernel:version: change ACPI version to ACPICA version
  • pci:crs: fix an indentation error
  • acpi: s3: check sleep type for output messages
  • snapcraft: update to core18
  • Add libbsd to travis build file
  • acpica: re-work fwts / iasl interface to work with latest ACPICA
  • fwts-test: refresh syntaxcheck test output
  • fwts-test/syntaxcheck: refresh syntaxcheck test output
  • fwts_acpica: don't add in RSDP or null table entries to XSDT or RSDT (LP: #1829167)
  • auto-packager:mkpackage.sh: add eoan

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_19.05.00.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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